Evangelism Adventure: The Hollywood B-Lister Parade

EDIT: SEE UPDATED MEETING TIMES BELOW. This parade is also known as the Hollywood Christmas Parade, and this will be the 5th year in a row that we have attended. Why is it the B-Lister Parade? Because many “stars” from Disney TV, old sitcoms and the Hollywood past ride in this parade—even former pop artists!—and we are always ready to give them a Gospel tract.

Last year Latoya Jackson got a tract:

In the 2010 parade, Jason Earles and Boo Boo Stewart got the Gospel! I know what you’re thinking: Who are those guys? Yep. We ask the same question every year.

Montel Williams was a blessed recipient in 2009!

The Two Minute Doo Dah Parade

To give you a little taste of what the anti-Tournament of Roses Parade is all about, I thought you’d like to see a two minute version of what goes on at the Doo Dah Parade, where we will be attending this Saturday. (Click here for info on how to join us.)