Politics on Parade


I had an idea to try something different at the Chinese New Year Golden Dragon Parade in Los Angeles where I like to hand out Giant Money Gospel tracts to celebrities and dignitaries who are riding in the parade. Instead of just handing them the tract, I wanted to offer them a word of exhortation.

Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, rode on by but I lost my nerve to say what I wanted to say.  I have handed him these tracts at least five different times before, but based on his governance, I don’t think he ever read–or believed– what was written on the back of the tract. (You can read it yourself here.) Watch this 15 second video.

Because Villaraigosa is termed out and there’s an election in March, two candidates vying for his position were also in the parade. I mustered up my courage, handed the tract to Eric Garcetti and said what I needed to say in this 16 second video.

I was on a role. Wendy Greuel, another mayoral candidate, also rode by. I had handed out many of these soul-saving tracts to her before…and her kids loved them! I also gave her a firm and gentle reminder about her accountability before a holy God in this 17 second video.

Yep. Call it electioneering, but I’m canvassing for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Mayor of mayors.


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