Call to Action: Preach and Procreate


When you watch this, how do you feel?

Yeah… me, too. 


  1. Interesting to say the very least. If there was ever a reason for Christians to preach and preach and preach and preach the gospel it is this. That being said, we must remember we are called to love our Muslim neighbors. We should love them so much that we would go out of our way to share the Good News of the gospel with them. The double-edged sword of God’s Word is their only hope. It is our only (peaceful) weapon.

  2. The darker the world becomes the greater the light of the Gospel will shine!

  3. I am believeing God for a son.., but first I need a wife. lol. I think the Muslims are strict against abortion, arn’t they? And that would explain somewhat of why they seem to be multiplying. They really aren’t multiplying, we are just killing all our babies in the womb at the same time as teaching our generations that marriage and kids [married with children] is lame and the wrong road, and also leading the world with the gay agenda. I have to say that I am glad in a way that this culture will not survive as the video points out. We are SODOM, we are GOMARAH, and the curse is about to fall heavy, worse than it did in Egypt so long ago. But just as back then, the Children of Isreal were safe from the curses, I believe we are safe as well because we are faithful and trust in Him to save us.

  4. Is this judgement comming?

    In the pit of my stomach sinking, while watching,
    people (us included) have not realized how cultures
    rise and fall, it is shocking to have your eyes opened.

    Isreal thought things were fine and dandy before they
    were subject to captivity by the Babylon, they being a tool of judgement
    raised up against the growing faithless in the declining culture of children
    of Israel. But…

    Will we have Daniels, who remain faithful?

    But must it go that far?

    I don’t know if you realize, with God all things are possible, and we also
    have a God who lifts up the humble, rewards faithfulness, and can turn a
    nation that is flipped upside down… to right side up… with the power of the
    Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    And if not the whole culture,
    the hearts of each person God reaches will be righted!

    If only His people (His spirit on board) are willing to go and proclaim the
    word. The cultures of the world can be reached by the truth that changes
    the heart for God.

    But people have to wake up first…. This is serious stuff here.

    Thanks for sharing this video!


  5. There is a precedent for this in US history, according to an article I read some time ago.

    Some in the Roman Catholic Church saw fertility and immigration as a way of gaining control of some states in the 1800s. The answer then is the answer now. Evangelists boldly preached the gospel to Catholics, many were saved and the tide was stemmed. Try this link:

    I fear for my continent though. In England we are almost entirely asleep to what is happening, Christians included. We need to preach the gospel to Muslims while we have the privilege of free speech.

    Some Muslims in Britain wear a T-shirt saying; “2030 we take over”.

    I pray to God that we in the churches will be fighting this battle in large numbers long before this, using the powerful gospel of Christ.


  6. Thought provoking insights, men. We can expect judgment unless true revival comes first. Something tells me, however, the first shall come before the latter. It’s in the making as we live and breathe.

  7. I posted this video on my local papers website blog. It was called hate speech by some viewers. If we speak out we speak hate. If someone says something about us . It is not hate.

  8. I am challenged the way muslim are propagating their culture and faith, because they were united, how about the global christians today? I believe that we can overcome if we are united. Greater is He who is in us that who is in the world.
    My prayer is that we as Christian must prevail no matter what it cost, because the gospel is still the power of God for salvation once the person heard this in a relevant way.

  9. Biblical Christianity has always been a minority… Frankly if Islam was the rule of thumb instead of phony christianity, it may draw the line in the sand more clearly. Perhaps a purging of the professing church?…something to think about.

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