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| 0 comments will be changing in a few short weeks to (The domain name is currently active here now.)

I will continue to keep as an alias domain name, but if you’d like to change it on your site, feel free. is funnier and easier to spell and remember. A new banner will make its debut soon, designed by Dale Jackson, the excellent graphics guy at The Way of the Master. Above is his first try. I thought it would be interesting to post the evolution of this site change. What would you suggest? Here are my notes to him:


I want to add a few things if possible. Here are a few suggestions. I hope you can do them:

1. Put the heads of Voltaire and Darwin on the people stoning Stephen. Flames should engulf the “stoners”.

2. Put my face on Stephen’s body, w/a halo over my head.

3. Put a Gospel tract in the hand of Stephen/me. A little piece of paper w/ a cross on it will do.

4. Can you keep the coffin in the picture w/ “Have a nice Judgment Day” from the old site banner?

5. That whole image of the “Stoning of Stephen” should be lighter (sepia is fine) so that people can see the faces.

6. Put on the banner, in smaller letters somewhere: “Formerly E-vangie Tales”. I’ll keep that on there for a little while.

There you go. I hope you can do it. I’m very honored to have the graphics guy of Way of the Master designing my banner.


  1. Make sure those small words at the botttom can be read. With the dark background, you’ll need a whiter font to pop out the letters…oh, and my head somewhere in the banner as well…..

  2. Great idea Travis! Hey Steve, can you have the graphic guy put MY head on one of the stoners? Can you? Can you? 🙂

  3. Are you going to have a new layout design too Steve?

  4. I may. As I think about new ways to make it accessable. We’ll have to see…

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