2 Big Surprises at the Gay Pride Parade!


Interesting men take Gospel tracts at events like these. Watch for the surprise! (And stay tuned for two important reports from the Pride Parade 2012 coming up: One concerns an interview with a very friendly gay man, his evasive answers, and my comments about this community; the other, a rebuke to the hate preachers who were delivering their unloving messages at this event.)


  1. WOW!! That really caught me off guard; may God grant them repentance!

  2. Its a shame the man didn’t pick up on your subtext Steve, you know… how you were essentially calling yet not calling him, a false Christian, much like the sign guy across the street, or how you said you aren’t judging him, but really you are judging him as essentially dishonest in his beliefs. Do you think this style of subterfuge is effective Steve? Why not boldly proclaim that he is wrong, you have ‘THE TRUTH’ after all. Do you think when this man dies he will be turned away from heaven? Do you think once he gets into heaven he’ll suddenly become attracted to women?

    • What man are you referring to? I was handing out tracts. Hmmm. Are you referring to the video on YouTube that I have not posted yet to this blog? Are you mixed up in what comments you are posting? Did you inadvertently give away your identity?

      When I post THAT video, I will answer your questions. Right now, they make no sense.

      • Haha Steve your video after it plays links to a video of a guy dressed up in full rainbow gear talking about his relationship with Jesus.

      • Sorry if I spoiled things, but you can blame youtube for that!

  3. Wait, what? The whole point of disguising the tracts as something novel that people actually would like, is so they will take it. How is the fact that they take it at all a surprise?

    Surprise! People took the free things we designed to be attractive!

    • Uh, BathTub, the two big surprises were the two big guys dressed as waitresses.

    • BathTub is such a naysayer.

      He looks friendlier on his facebook page.

      BathTub if you don’t change your ways you are going to be an old curmudgeon like you know who.

      Get the joy back in your life. Call out to God and he will answer you.

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