Beer Garden Preaching Makes a Splash


Want a real adrenaline rush? Get your preaching stool, set it up in front of a Beer Garden in the heat of the afternoon… and watch what happens!

You’ll see that this crowd at Venice Beach was having a great time mocking me. At the 2:46 mark, right after I mention the 8th Commandment, you’ll see me bear the brunt of a man who emptied his beverage in my face. (It’s a little loud when I start to preach, so turn down your volume a little.)


  1. referring to Matthew 12:36…”But i say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgement.” Regarding the beer garden, i seriously think the Judge of the Universe, while smiling, might say…”this one’s a keeper Steve…no idle words here.”

    : D

  2. The total lack of interest in what you had to say, how you were mocked, the cold shower, etc., may seem to some that your preaching to such a crowd was an excercise in futility.
    But I hold firm to the truth that “With God, anything is possible.”

    What if that night someone who was there DID get into a car wreck and knew they were slipping away. I believe that the power of God’s word which you preached would be the first thing they would try to replay in their mind before they died.

    And who knows, with whatever time was left, if they had a moment to truly repent and trust in Jesus and enter into glory.

    We don’t know how God will bless our preaching. We just obey and preach. The work of salvation on a sinner’s soul is the sole work of God and nobody else. We’re just the messengers. So we must preach to EVERYBODY!

    I would say that what you experienced, Steve, was a ‘refreshing’ form of persecution. Better that than being tied to a stake and set aflame!

    Great job, brother!

  3. You and Tony “the Lawman” Miano are my absolutely favorite street preachers to watch and listen to your posts on each of your blogs. You are an inspiration to me. I gave out several of the Michael Jackson bills to the college age bar people in downtown UT. I walked into a crowd of blacks and they loved the bills so much they want extra to give to their families.
    Then at the Wendy’s down the road every staff person got one and wanted extra to give out. So now i will have to buy more. This is soooooo coool sharing the Gospel with everyone and praying for seeds to grow and peeps to give their lives to jesus and repent.

  4. So are you now going to change your blogsite name to “Drown the Preacher”? Just wondering. 🙂

  5. LOL! I’m still laughing as I write this. The water fall sound effects as you catch the drink in slow mo! LOL!

    Also love how you can hear their reaction as they hear the word. The reaction means one thing… they are hearing, and it’s hitting the spot. The rest is God’s work.


  6. Wow Steve….what an inspiration. May God bless me with your boldness. Thank you for posting this. Don’t Quit.

  7. i dont ever remeber jesus doing it like that he was much more friendly . then stevo .

  8. Praise The Lord .. His Servant, Preacher Steve…..
    WOW what an awesome testimony you give everything
    I see your website… You inspire me to share more…
    Thanks Steve.. for enduring their shame and by caring so much for the lost generation , no matter where they are ( in beer garden, beach, movies) and Preaching the Gospel to all who are wihtin your VOICE!!!AMEN!!

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