Atheist/Evolutionist Holiday Cards


This will be a seasonal re-post tradition….

If I had no hope of an afterlife, and if I thought I was here by sheer chance (or something like that), and if there was no real purpose in life, I’d send one of these!

If I thought that I was put here on a pale blue planet for no other reason than to make a debilitating carbon footprint and to eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow I die, then I would send one of these.

And if I didn’t believe in God,  didn’t think I was culpable to a Being greater than I, had no fear of recompense for my moral failures and sin…

… if I was able to ignore my conscience…

…and if I could overlook all the obvious evidences of our incredible, beautiful, wondrous universe that clearly shows that everything was designed, and then pronounce that there is no Designer…

…and if I truly could discount all those crazies warning me to repent because my time was short…

…then, and only then, would I send one of these cards to my temporal acquaintances who are simply living meaningless, purposeless lives.

Want to see what’s inside the Snowman card?)

Merry Christmas to all my unbelieving friends (who have no real reason to celebrate this season). C’mon, “Reasons Greetings” doesn’t really cut it now, does it? Does it?

(Cards are from “Order of St. Nick’s Funny Greeting Cards.)


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