…and then there were twelve.


The graduates of our first evangelism class of 2009 numbered twelve out of a starting class of twenty; unfortunately, a 50% drop out rate is the norm. Still, Jesus started with twelve and they turned the world upside down! The top score was earned by John Webber, who discovered how simple and effective biblical evangelism can be. Great job, folks! Let’s go fishin’!

Our next 6 week class starts March 19 and is free with pre-registration, $15.00 at the door. Also, if you would like my teaching and student notes from this class, they are free. All you have to pay is the postage. Leave me a comment if you would like them for your church.


  1. Steve,
    Could I please have copies of your notes even if they aren’t neccessarily for my church at this time?

  2. Dear Steve,

    You have inspired me to ask my Pastor if I could do the evangelism class at our church of over 3500 people over a year ago and I was turned down. I waited a year later (current day) and a few weeks ago in church he mentioned to the whole congregation and said “that if you want to know about reaching the lost see Don”, then had me stand up. Right after service I grabbed him and asked the questions again and he said yes. I’m scheduled to teach in June and I would love to have a copy of your teaching notes and student notes.

    Thank you for posting all of your adventures of reaching the lost and for your work in the Lord.

    Your brother in Christ,

  3. Tracy and Don,

    God bless you in your desire to teach an evangelism class at your church with a heartfelt desire to reach the lost.

    Send me an email at with your address, and I’ll mail them to you. I’m going to try to get them online but there is well over a 100 pages of material. I will also send you an email on the videos, schedules, etc., that you will need before you teach the class.

    Don, your patience is admirable. Praise God that he changed your pastor’s heart!

  4. wait wait don’t forget me…i will be teaching a basic training course soon too. i’m just waiting for a call back from the pastor on the start date.

    boy, i would love to glean from ur notes so i’ll send an email to ya with my info.

  5. Pastor Steve,

    I am interested in getting your notes. I am going through the Basic Training course on my own right now in preperation for leading it at my church. I just this morning approched my pastor about it.

    In the service of Christ,


  6. Sam and Dede,

    Make sure you send me an email!

  7. Thank you for encouraging me to take the class..I learned so much and I am using the tools you taught us for my unsaved family..Looking forward to going out with the group…

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