A Radical, Highly Effective, Non-Controversial, Old-School Evangelism Idea


Hey! Remember when people used to do this?

The vast majority of the people who visit my church, Hope Chapel, come because…

…someone invited them.

I’d like to say that a whole lot of people visit because of the three million-plus tracts we’ve handed out, or because of the thousands who have personally heard the Gospel explained in a personal way, or because they heard the message of salvation from one of our many open air preachers.

But no.

A personal invitation works best when newcomers visit.

If you are not sharing your faith with the lost, then the least you can do is invite them to church where they will hear the Word of God. I tell people to invite their unsaved friends when I preach because I always give a Gospel message at the end of every sermon.

Wanna know our second most popular reason why people visit our church?

Our sign.


  1. Ok that was a funny video. Thanks Steve!

  2. Wow, that’s what I ought to do!

  3. I actually know people who would actually drive for that distance!

  4. I completely agree that the most effective form of evangelism comes from a personal relationship with the person you’re evangelising to.

    The opposite of that is what I call “jerky evangelism”.

  5. I want to turn over a new leaf. So as a gesture of friendship to the atheists on this blog, please post your phone numbers so I can call you and arrange to pick you up to take you to Hope Chapel.

    I will be willing to drive anywhere in Los Angeles and Orange County.

    We will call this “Operation Eternal Lifeline to Atheists”. Part of the experience will be a comfortable air conditioned ride, 2 bottles of water, 1 box of Noah’s animal crackers and a pocket New Testament. To further sweeten the experience we can listen to a Way of the Master CD.

    If everyone behaves themselves during the ride to Hope Chapel and during the Hope Chapel worship service I will treat everyone to Hot Dog On A Stick at the Redondo Beach Pier.

    Wouldn’t that be fun?

  6. Sorry, I don’t live in either LA or OC counties.

    I will be in both counties this weekend, but sorry, I already have plans on Sunday. Some other time.

  7. Yeah I don’t even live in the US. If I did I still wouldn’t post my phone number on a public forum. Cheers for the invite though Mr. Lulz.

    • Tell you what. If you are an atheist who contributes to this blog and you come to our church the next time I preach, which will be on August 19, 20, 21, I will buy you dinner if you come to our evening service or a nice lunch if you come to our morning service. And at a nice place. Steak even. Men only.

      But you must contact me via email first.

      Nice going Mr. Lulz.

  8. Thanks Steve.

    Your offer sounds a lot better than mine. Atheists I would take him up on that one. Hermosa Beach, Steve Sanchez and steak! Doesn’t get much better than that.


  9. Steve, if I ever head out to California I’ll take you up on that offer, since the arguments on this blog have put me firmly in the agnostic/atheistic category recently, and I happen to enjoy steak. But I’m in the midwest at the moment. Mr. Lulz… Noah’s Animal Crackers? Really? Could they be Utnapishtim Crackers instead? =)

    If everyone behaves themselves…? Really? Well I was planning on throwing feces everywhere but since you said something I guess I won’t. =)

  10. Thanks for your displays of generosity, Steve and Mr. Lulz, but I like BathTub am not in the US.

  11. “Men only.”


    Oh, well. I don’t live anywhere near you guys, anyway.

  12. “Men only?”

    I’ve met couples that had this silly rule about the husband only associating with men and the wife only associating with women (unless they’re both together)*, but Steve is a pastor and probably does need to be concerned with how things may look to others.

    (* It really is silly. Either you trust your spouse or you don’t. They’re either cheaters or they’re not. I’ve seen this rule actually be used as plausible deniability by a cheating husband. “But Honey, you know she’s lying! We have this rule about not being alone with the opposite sex!”)

  13. perdita,

    I’m more concerned with what others think in this day and age of pastoral impropriety..

  14. Thanks for clarifying. That was my first thought, but it got buried in there.

  15. Iā€™m more concerned with what others think in this day and age of pastoral impropriety..

    That’s very understandable.

  16. As I’ve told Steve before, I live on the central coast of California. Somewhere secret between LA and SF.

  17. I’m in Dallas/Fort Worth (Texas), so until I master teleportation I’m waaaaaaaaay too far to visit. I suppose more run-of-the-mill forms of travel are still possible, but I don’t get those sorts of opportunities very often – teleportation is still my best bet.

  18. I’m in the land of cheese and beer – Wisconsin. I’ll need to borrow Michael’s teleport machine when he’s done with it.

  19. My EAC outpost is Wellington NZ.

  20. I operate out of Dallas.

  21. @ Mr. Lulz – That actually sounds like fun. The logistics are, unfortunately, more than a little tricky.

  22. @vintango and Michael Mock

    Both y’all from Dallas/Fortworth area. I’m fixn’ to go there one of these days. I have only been through Texas on the Interstate 10. Good times.

    The two of you should meet up at some icehouse and ponder the mysteries of the universe sometime.

    @ Michael

    I understand that with the price of gas and the amount of time it would take for an epic road trip it wouldn’t be feasible for most folks. It is a pretty stretch of country though if you ever do get an inkling to hit the open road.

    • I do that with my co-workers on a weekly basis, its sort of how I’ve shaped my ‘scientific worldview’ and I’m lucky enough to have access to some pretty scholarly minds as well.

  23. Iā€™d like to see the Chequamegon National Forest someday.

    It is beautiful. As for turning into a snowbird – it’ll never happen. I love snow and winter far too much to ever leave it.

  24. Mr Lulz I’m in Sydney, Australia.

    FYI New Zealand is in the same general area but I dont think people refer to NZ as down under. It wouold be like calling a canadian a yank or someone from the US a kanuck. Cheers.

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