A Big Ole “Gong Hay Faht Choy!” to You

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That’s “Happy New Year” in Chinese—in 9 seconds! Thus began the evangelism team’s outing to the Golden Dragon Parade in Chinatown yesterday.

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  1. That’s the way it started. We, one part of the body of Christ the Lord. Then we had so much fun passing out tracts and street witnessing for the Kingdom of our Lord. We had folks asking for our big money tracts and trillion dollar tracts. We would say, “OK, 1,2 for you and 3,4,5 for you”. People just loved them. Then Pastor would preach a 3 minute Gospel message and we moved on along the route, doing the same thing until the parade started. Whereupon, we had fun handing out tracts to participants, in a location that didn’t interfere with viewers of the parade or the floats. After-which, we passed out tracts at the end of the parade as we made our way to a very sumptuous meal at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Oh what fun it is… to pass out tracts and witness.

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