E-vangie Video: The Law and the Lesbian


Okay. So you’ve read these E-vangie Tales for some time… but now you get to see it for yourself. Pay attention to how this woman reacts when she’s confronted by some of the 10 Commandments. And notice that I didn’t make an issue of her lesbianism. This 5 minute video will be the first of (hopefully) many to come! Just click the arrow on the screen.


  1. well, I thought that went over very well. She was sooo nice and polite! I hope she took what you said to heart. Good job Steve, you articulated yourself very well. 🙂

  2. Good job Steve. I just subscribed to your YouTube channel. btw, I am ‘oldmikey’ on YouTube.

  3. this young woman who has gender issues and the t-shirt “sublime” was rocking back and forth the whole time because she was very uncomfortable, and she could only be uncomfortable if she was actually listening to you, she was respectful of you, and in return and you did not mock her deep sin so I believe your level of respect for her as you told her the truth that she heard for the first time,and the very loving way you approached her may help in her in turning her hert to the Lord. I hope the seeds you planted in her soul may sprout someday,Good Job! I will pray for this lost soul. Love debra

  4. Jasmine is a precious young lady. Just looking at her lovely face and listening to her polite and thoughtful responses … I just cannot get over the fact that God cares so much about her that she sent you to speak with her about her soul.

    Praise God /

  5. do you use the same evangelistic method everytime? when watching your videos, its almost useless they are so predictable.

  6. Brittney,

    Yes. I pretty much use the same method everytime. There is a reason for this. Listen to the teaching: “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” online at and you will understand why.


    Pastor Steve Sanchez

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