10 (Almost) Bald Guys


Kudos to the Harbor College baseball team for honoring their word and coming to church last Sunday as part of their declaration to be there because fellow teammate Jake Turner shaved his head (read the article below). I walked in and saw ten of them sitting in the back sportin’ their newly shaved pates; they weren’t entirely bald, but actually looked kinda cool.
null And they stayed for the entire service, including the altar call that pleaded for them to repent of their sins. That’s right! They listened to our pastor say that if they have ever lied, stolen, blasphemed God, lusted or hated… then they would be seen by Him as lying,thieving, blasphemous, murderous, adulters-at-heart, and would be found guilty and sent to Hell on Judgment Day to pay for their sins. They also heard that God offers forgiveness through his Son, Jesus, if they repent and trust in Him.
null I’m not sure if there were any takers this Sunday—but Jake is still on the team; and I’m sure he’ll remind them of their fate before The Big Game is over…

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