Why We Are Having Church Indoors

94 people were tested at the Covid-19 Mobile Test Site in Blanco County last week and all tested negative! This is why I support the opening of Texas.

One man criticized my conviction that we ought to open Texas by posting this: “I love how the ‘right to life’ movement has no problem tossing older folks onto the virus pyre.”

Though the man was sincere, he presented a false dichotomy.

His meaning? “Because I’m pro-life, I’m a hypocrite, since granting liberty to Americans will kill older people.”

Millions of babies are killed every year. Yes, I’m against that. But I also care about older folks too. I believe they should be segregated and looked after especially.

At church on Sunday we did just that. We had our more mature members sit on one side of the sanctuary. In a newsletter I re-stated Texas Governor Abbott’s official position:

“Strongly encourage the at-risk population to watch or participate in the service remotely. Or, designate an area inside the facility reserved for the at-risk population, or offer a service for at-risk population attendees only.”

How different from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s response which forced elderly people with Covid-19 back into nursing homes. I guess baby-killers don’t care about older people on the East Coast. (He rescinded that order a few days ago.)

My Facebook friend did not acknowledge the nuances of the “Open the USA” argument.

Every model projection given by “experts” in the academic and medical fields concerning the death rate of the coronavirus have been proved wrong so far.

Yes, there will indeed be a spike in coronavirus cases. The lockdown was not meant to eradicate the virus, but to flatten the curve so that hospitals would not be overwhelmed.

Yes, people will get sick and some may, God forbid, die. But, what is the alternative? Stay in lockdown? How long? Forever?

Since the lockdown there has been a 1,000% increase in suicides as well as an increase in domestic violence and mental illness. People have died of other issues due to the lack of adequate healthcare. Not to mention those who lost jobs—maybe permanently.

“You don’t care about old people” is a Strawman, easily knocked down when you look a little deeper.

Humans are made for human contact; we are social beings. How much longer can we endure a quarantine?

Experts are saying that we are now entering into the “Third Quarter” of isolation when things start becoming intense.

“In studies of people isolated in submarines, space stations or polar bunkers, researchers have found there appears to be an inflection point where the frustration and hardship of being cooped up inside gets suddenly harder to bear.”

James Purtill www.abc.net.au/

Interpersonal conflicts arise when people get desperate.

Ultimately, what will be the final cost of a crushed economy in terms of human suffering, job losses, unpaid rent, evictions and food shortages?
With freedom comes great responsibility. Americans can be responsible people.

There is always risk to living life.

So, get out there, put on the mask if you need to and wash your hands.

Exercise your freedom as Americans, the land of the free and home of the brave. Isn’t it time to be people of courage again?

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