Why I’m (Still) Voting for Trump

I WANT TO EXPLAIN WHY, AS A CHRISTIAN AND A PASTOR, I’m voting for such a “sinner” as Trump, especially in light of the newest, latest outrageous, knuckle-headed, ridiculous controversies he’s been involved in, (and, I suspect, many more).


I read an article that asked this question: “Watching Christians blow off or dismiss Trump’s conduct out of fear of the alternative is one of the true tragedies of this election cycle. It’s really come to this, has it?”

That really bugged me, because I’m not blowing off nor dismissing Trump’s conduct. It’s despicable, horrendous, downright vulgar and reprehensible. Nevertheless,

I believe that under Trump, less babies will die. Did you get that? Most likely, less babies will die. That’s enough of an issue for me but I have a few more: If he holds to his word, which, understandably, may be a long shot, we will have a fighting chance at a Conservative Supreme Court since the possibility of the next President appointing up to four Justices is a distinct reality. Also, he may be more of a fighter when it comes to terrorism. The likelihood that he will secure our borders just a little bit more would be a good thing, too. And, I’d like to keep my guns, thank you very much.


I hate that I have to vote for him, yet the matter is settled. I will hold my nose, grit my teeth and do my civic duty. As a Christian I have the freedom to do so.

Here’s my paraphrase of Romans 14:1-4, that great passage on Christian freedom: “Accept the one whose faith is weak, without quarreling over disputable matters [like voting for president]. One person’s faith [allows them to vote for anyone], but another, whose faith is weak, [cannot vote, or will vote third party or write in Jesus’ name]. The one [who votes for Trump] must not treat with contempt the [one who does not], and the one who [cannot vote for Trump] must not judge the one who does, for God has accepted them. Who are you to judge someone else’s servant [by saying they have compromised their values, or they are not a Christian, or that they have sold out their Lord]? To their own master, servants stand or fall. And they will stand, for the Lord is able to make them stand.”


What ultimately put me over the edge to his side was hearing what Christian commentator Janet Parshall said at the Evangelical Debate as reported by various news agencies:

“…she set the current candidate’s flaws in perspective, as following a line of many presidents throughout American history with glaring character flaws: from Thomas Jefferson to Warren G. Harding, Franklin Roosevelt to Bill Clinton.”

Parshall said,

“We are not electing a Messiah, so I don’t fear for having anything less than a ‘sinner’ in the White House. Last time I checked, we have sinners in the Supreme Court, sinners in the Oval Office, sinners in the Congress. In fact, I myself join you today as a sinner, saved by grace.”

She urged evangelicals to consider how God’s hand has been involved in this election season:

“For those who have been praying and fasting through, during, and for this process, have we now believed the sovereignty of God didn’t apply? … God has a track record of using flawed and broken people, even when it doesn’t look right to us.”

The bottom line: Vote your conscience and trust God, whomever you vote for.


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    Well said, Steve!!! Your article’s closing picture takes the cake!!!

    Blessings to you, your family, your congregation, and, lastly, your readers,

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    My take as well. I suspect Drumpf will do some things badly, but I know Mrs. Clinton, absent repentance, will do many things horribly. Hence I pray for their repentance and choose the less noxious candidate.

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