Why black Americans need to hand out the “180” movie


The “180” movie has impacted my life greatly. As a result of seeing it, I took my two young daughters to an abortion clinic in Long Beach, one of the largest murdering mills in the country I understand, and learned a little about how to start a pro-life ministry. Read about our visit by clicking here.

I then reflected on this issue and wrote a personal testimony about how this issue affected my life in the past. (Read that article here.)

If you haven’t yet seen the film then click here to watch.

Here’s another reason why it needs to be seen…

EDIT: Read this article entitled “The Consequences of Evolutionary Racism” by clicking here.


  1. Adding Race into the mix is a great way to encourage a rational well thought out discussion rather than just going for knee jerk emotional reactions isn’t it?

  2. Make sure you read this article that I just included as an EDIT below the video: The Consequences of Evolutionary Racism

    • Yeah it’s a genuine shame how Darwin invented Racism. If only those Doctors had centered their works around the sound religious teaching of men like Martin Luther.

      Right Steve?

  3. Actually no, because the religious types restrict sex ed to abstinence only. So sure, Wal-Mart has birth controls items, but no idea how they work or even if they exist in some cases.

    • Actually yes, because the “religious types” don’t teach the sex ed classes where we live. Perhaps you really think AAs are that illiterate–“no idea how they work or even if they exist” ? Unbelievable. I really, really hope you are kidding.

    • I am referring to poor people who have no proper sex education. Yes, there are a lot of myths regarding proper birth control usage. And no doubt many of these people are ignorant regarding the existence of many forms of birth control.

      It’s about who teaches the class, but the curriculum. Religious types are fighting to keep sex ed classes as abstinence only.

  4. Inherently? I don’t think you know what that word means.

  5. Two words for you Charlene…Martin Luther. Since Steve keeps attempting to link abortion with the holocaust let’s talk about the guy who actually said things that did more than any other to make the holocaust possible.

    This is not to say that Luther was directly involved but his statements did influence Hitler and many other Germans.

    Hmmmm guess we’ll just have to outlaw Christianity…just using Steve’s logic here.

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