Sudden Death: Killed by Train While Saving Baby


RIVERSIDE, California — A woman pushing a baby in a stroller across railroad tracks was hit and killed by a train but managed to shove the stroller to safety just in time to save the infant, authorities said. Read the rest here.

Oh, that more people would be as concerned for children when they are inside the womb!


  1. It’s interesting, Jim, how you comment nearly every week— nearly every week!—on these Sudden Death posts that are very clear reminders that your days are numbered, as are mine.

    Did I mention that you mention my obsession with these posts nearly every week? EVERY week, Jim!?

    I did mention that you post nearly every week, right?

  2. Why on Earth was this woman pushing a stroller on railroad tracks in the first place? Let’s talk about that for a minute, shall we?

  3. Steve were you aware that nearly every week, every week Steve, you obsess about death and dying.

    Your excuse for these posts, which you call “sudden death posts” is that it reminds us that we all will ultimately die.

    I have news for you Steve. Most people already know this. In fact, unless the person is a baby, in a coma, or insane, I’d say it’s pretty general knowledge.

    But to keep dwelling on it is considered more than a little morbid – unless you’re an undertaker of course.

    Is that what you’re implying Steve? That you’re going to change jobs and become a mortician?

  4. It’s because fear is all he has.

  5. Steve wrote “Even if it’s all we had, it’s all we would need.

    “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

    But Steve you’re not fearing the Lord. You’re just showing a morbid fear of death. Not exactly the same thing is it? By the way I looked it up and it is a psychological condition. That’s the bad news. The good news is there is treatment Steve. You don’t need to obsess about death any more.

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