Evangelism This Week: Venice Beach

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If you want to join us in a witnessing environment that is very strange, meet us at noon at Hope Chapel to carpool to Venice Beach.

Watch my interview with the infamous Metal Ball Guy of Venice Beach.

Watch when I got splashed in the face while preaching to an outdoor beer garden.

There’s more: 

  • Of course, every Thursday we go to El Camino College and meet on the Library Lawn. We now bring our Prayer Stand and copies of the “180″ movie to hand out, as well as Randy Alcorn’s book, “Why Pro-Life?”
  • Fridays we always go to the Redondo Beach Pier as well for only one hour. Meet at Hope Chapel at 4:30 to carpool.

One Comment

  1. Great video! When i ask if someone has ever stolen anything and they say no, i ask them to consider this ” when you lie, you steal the truth.”

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