What’s Your E-vangie Tale? #30


There is one more week of our 6 week class. Who will finish well?

Jeremiah wrote, “But if I say, ‘I will not mention him or speak any more in his name,’ his word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; indeed I cannot.”

My hope and prayer is that the students of our new evangelism class, “Sharing Your Faith Without Fear” (pictured above), will have the same heart and attitude of Jeremiah after they graduate. Sadly, 30-50% drop out before the class ends. Will this group be the exception?

Part of their homework is to hand out one tract a day each day of the class. They get a point every day they do this; and when they write about it here, they get bonus points, unlimited bonus points!

The top of the class wins their choice of a Veg-o-matic… “It slices! It dices!”

…or The School of Biblical Evangelism 101 Lessons book with a Sample pack of tracts, along with 3 Ray Comfort CD’s, a 10 Commandments poster and a sinking Titanic poster.

What would you choose?

Believe it or not, a previous “Top-of-the-Class” winner chose the Veg-o-Matic! (Read about it here.)


  1. Friday night in Redondo Beach I walked up to a restaurant where a worker was behind the counter. I said here’s a million for you. He said no thanks, but I persisted and asked him the million dollar question. He didn’t want to face that. I insisted that its better to face the fact that you need Jesus now rather than before the Judgement seat. I left the million on the counter gave him a dollar tip and began to walk away. He said come back from behind the counter holding out what I gave him trying to give it back. I said “What I gave I didn’t give to take back. Thats a tip for listening.”

  2. Here are various comments from students who placed their E-vangie Tale in the wrong place:

    Barbara Perez Says:

    January 22nd, 2009 at 6:07 pm edit

    I encourage all the new students to come back each Thursday night. You don’t want to miss any part of this class. It has truly changed my life!

    Carlos Reynoso Says:

    January 22nd, 2009 at 11:32 pm edit

    Just got out of the Evangelism class and I started my homework!!! I have passed out tracts before in groups but never alone. There was a different feeling, just like when you are reaching the top of a roller coaster ride and you are looking down and waiting to see what comes next, wow! Stopped in a Subway in Bellflower and as the cashier gave me my change I gave her a million dollar tract. I asked her if she believed she was going to heaven and she said ” but of course “. Finding out she(Evelyn) was a fellow born again Christian and goes to Praise Chapel in Lakewood but her co-worker (Angel) wasn’t. He was looking so intently at the million dollar tract that I also gave him one, Evelyn immediately started speaking to him in Spanish explaining to him that it was about going to heaven and she began to witness to him. I walked out knowing the Holy Spirit was at work. Amen.

    Barbara Perez Says:

    January 23rd, 2009 at 11:07 am edit

    This morning I spoke with a patient and she was crying asking me what to do because she thinks she was having a stroke. I said go the nearest hospital now and tell them what your experiencing and then i quickly without thinking I asked her WAIT before you go. Are you saved? She started crying more and I got a chance to witness to her. She says she thinks so. I asked her have you truly repented and put your trust in Jesus as your Savior, she said she thinks so. I said will make sure right now talk to Jesus and confirm it with him. Nothing can touch you if your saved. She was so grateful and the whole thing was beautiful. Now that I had my coffee I’ll remember to go through the questions on the tract. She caught me off guard and early. Praise God

    Barbara Perez Says:

    January 23rd, 2009 at 11:11 am edit

    A man came in and hasn’t been paid for 4 weeks due to his injury. He is stressing because he has a family to support. I handed him a million dollar bill and a spanish follow up tract since he only spoke spanish. I told him to read it carefully so he can learn how God will provide for him. Oh and to get someone to translate the bill for him on the back later.

    Barbara Perez Says:

    January 23rd, 2009 at 11:17 am edit

    Just finished up with a new patient. Talked to her about her situation. Gave her million dollar bill and happy new year tract. We’ll have more time to chat later she had to see the doctor

    Barbara Perez Says:

    January 23rd, 2009 at 11:57 am edit

    ok spoke to a gentleman just now and I saw he was wearing a cross and asked him the question and he said oh i know i’m going to hell and i said why he said because i was a very bad person. So i went over 2 of the tracts starting with the mill. bill first and he said yup i’m going to hell. It concerned him too. So then i asked have you ever repented and put your trust in Jesus. He said yes. So i said well great keep trusting and know you are going to Heaven not Hell. Then handed him extra mill. bills to hand out to others.

    Barbara Perez Says:

    January 23rd, 2009 at 12:28 pm edit

    Saw a patient and he’s also struggling financially. Gave him a tract. He promises to read it at home. He was in a rush.

    Barbara Perez Says:

    January 23rd, 2009 at 12:40 pm edit

    saw another man today. So sweet also worried about $$. Anyways gave him bill and fu tract and he promises to read at home. he thanked me

    Barbara Perez Says:

    January 23rd, 2009 at 3:22 pm edit

    Saw a new patient and handed him the 2 tracts. Asked him the question. He answered i have a good conscious Heaven. he was leaving so i said read the back it’s very important.

    Carlos Reynoso Says:

    January 23rd, 2009 at 7:56 pm edit

    Barbara that is great! Keep planting those seeds. I will need to keep my tracts with me for now on.

  3. Spoke to one of my patients who was diagnosed with cancer. She lives to evangelize and I shared with her the Way of the Master. She took some tracts. She is so on fire for God.

  4. handed out a tract to a patient. She actually asked me for it. It was on my desk and she loved them.

  5. Spoke with a patient who was raised in the Church and at 18 made up his own mind and stopped going to Church and doesn’t believe in Christ. He believes in a God. Went over the tract with him. We had a long conversion. He’s going to rent The case for Christ and he took the tracts with him.

  6. handed out a couple tracts today.

  7. I had my yearly physical today. I put the tracts in my front pocket so people see them and asked what they are and I hand them one. When I went in the doctor’s office, the nurse asked me what I had in my pocket so I handed her one and she said “Thank you, my son has some of these”. I asked her if she was a Christian and she said yes. Then the doctor came in and saw me and asked what they were. I handed one to him and told him they were Gospel tracts. He didn’t know what that was. I told him to read the back and I asked him the million dollar question. He didn’t answer me, but he put it on his clipboard and proceeded with the physical.

  8. Yesterday, I handed out 5 tracts and I spoke. I said, “This asks you the million dollar question.” Last week, I just handed them to people with a smile but without words.

  9. Today was the first time that I actually gave a tract to someone I am acquainted with and have seen at the cat adoptions for the past 4+ years.

  10. I just got back from the Chinese New Year Parade. My daughter, Ashley, went with me and we both had a great time. We were passing out 100 dollar bills and two people wanted to take a picture with Ashley with the 100 dollar bill being held in front of them. I was passing out 100 dollar bills on a corner and 4 people came out of a restaurant and wanted one of them, so I went in the restaurant and asked”Does everyone in here want a 100 dollar bill” and I got a lot of head nods. I proceeded to give everyone (while they were eating their lunch) a 100 dollar bill. They were all very appreciative.

  11. On Sunday evening, after church service I was having dinner with friends at the local Baker’s Square. Angela Kang (who is also in the class) and I divied up the booths and started passing out tracts to fellow diners as we were leaving. One of the ladies who received the tract; asked me if it was my car outside that had the book “Way of the Master” in the front seat. I affirmed. We engaged in a dialog about evangelism and she was excited to find opportunities to also share the faith. She indicated that she was a Messianic Jew. She was seated with a friend who was a non-believer and as I left, she took the gospel tract and said, “Here, you need this”, and as I left I overheard their discussion about the gospel message.

  12. One more thing! I also wanted to share that the 10 commandment hand signs are so much fun!!! I shared it with our Children’s Ministry Pastor at CCSouth Bay. On Sundays, I am involved in Teacher’s Orientation and was teaching about the different learning styles of children. I was able to share with a team of teachers in training the 10 commandments, who will in turn share sunday school classes the 10 commandments. Fun!

  13. I’m on a roll: Okay, so on Saturday I participate in the door to door ministry at CC South Bay. We ended up at Wilson Park where I encountered a Romanian gentleman who was awaiting the use of the tennis courts with his daughter. His demeanor was very stoic. I gave him the million dollar tract and asked him the million dollar question. He stated he didn’t believe in heaven or hell; and that the bible was just a book like any other. I shared with him that the bible is the living word of God; and that the fulfilled prophecy in the bible is proof that it is the living word of God. He said that he’s read the bible before and has one at home. I encouraged him to continue to read. We engaged in discussion for awhile…. Then I became Hazel No Hands and walked away.

  14. Handed out plenty during the week but haven’t had a chance to post. Today handed out also and went through the 10 comm. It was great.
    I fly out for a business trip so i’ll need to pack and get everything ready for my daughter who is staying with family. I may not be able to make the class tonight. But i’m packed with tracts for the plane ride and for my trip to good old oakland & then of course visiting san francisco my hometown. I’m visiting my best friend who is gay. He’s kind of mad at me bec. I evangelized to him but I’m going armed with God’s word. I’m going to give him the book I got from our class. heart beat something! Great for non believers i read it. Very powerful.

  15. Seven of us went to Ports O Call in San Pedro. I was handing out 100 dollar bills and a security guard came up to me and told me that I could hand them out along the perimeter, but that I could not go in and hand them out. It was kind of strange for me. I hear of things happening to other people, but this is the first time someone told me I could do something because it pertained to Jesus. I handed out quite a few, but I still have a problem going up to a stranger and asking them if I could asked them some questions. I probably won’t get the five points that I could get in the class if I did it. I will continue to pray for boldness. I totally agree with Barbara that “One heartbeat from eternity is very powerful.

  16. I feel really exhilarated right now. Two young men came to our door and ask to talk to us. I asked them if they were Jehovah witnesses or Mormons and they said they were non-denominational Christians. I persisted on asking who they were and they said The church of God. They began telling us that the bride of Christ was a real person called the heavenly mother. I told them that the bride was the church. They gave us verses from their bible and we pulled out our Matthew Henry’s Commentary and the bible and countered their argument with the Truth. I gave them each a million dollar bill and ask them if I could read the back because I told them they would probably throw them away. Before I read the back my daughter told me not to lose my temper. I then read the back to them. We continued to talk for 15 minutes and I told them to be careful because their church was spreading false doctrine. I told them to repent and the only way to the Father was through the Son and not some heavenly mother. They said that we needed the heavenly mother for salvation. What!?!!!!!!!! I will keep them in my prayers. God gave me the opportunity and I planted the seed.

  17. karin larson Says:

    February 11th, 2009 at 8:43 am

    I was at the beach and handed out a few. I have yet to have conversation but I stood for a moment with one guy as he looked at it and he asked “what religion is this?” I told him Christian and he handed it back and I took it in nervousness! Steve, you told us not to take them back and I shamed myself all day!!!! But, I do not think this is about creating guilt for myself.

    Steve Sanchez Says:

    February 11th, 2009 at 10:38 am

    It’s not at all about feeling guilty. You did a great job handing out that tract; that in itself can be hugely frightening! And it is okay to take them back if they don’t want them; you just aren’t obligated to take back a gift.

    Great job, Karin!

  18. I have to admit that I’m a little shocked at myself. I still have fear about talking to strangers. It is easy for me share my faith when people ask me questions, rather then going up to someone point blank and asking questions. I went to the Hermosa Beach Pier with the group today, not expecting to talk to anyone, but just to hand out tracts. I was walking down the pier and asked this young couple if they would like a hundred dollar bill. They said sure and asked me if I wanted to be in a valentine’s video for youtube. I said no and continued down the pier. Someone else gave them a good or bad tract. I saw them again and asked how the video was going. They said good and asked me what the good and bad tract was all about. God just gave me the opportunity :):):):). I then went through the WDJD. We then started talking and she told me she was a buddhist. She asked me what makes my faith right and hers wrong. I told her I live by faith and told her to just look around. How can you say there is no God. I told her If she was right, I have nothing to worry about, but if I’m right she has everything to worry about. She asked me if it bothered me that she didn’t believe. I said it made me sad. I told her that Jesus said that the two most important commandments were, to love the Lord God with all your heart and Love your neighbor as yourself. I said as a Christian I am called to love everyone as God loved the world. So in loving the girl, I don’t want her to go to Hell. She said you don’t even know me and I told her we are all God’s creations and are made in the image of God. I said I may not know you personally but we all have worth and value and I do not want anyone to go to Hell. I told her to take to heart with what I said and to read the tracts. They said they would. I told them God Bless you and they went on their way.

  19. Took the whole family canvassing last Saturday prior to my little one’s birth day party. Going again soon, thanks for the encouragement, Steve.

  20. Hey Bert! Good job! Long time, no hear. Glad you are still alive in the frozen Minnesota north!

  21. I gave a tract out to someone at work and then I went through the WDJD. He started talking to me about not going to church for 20 years, but started going back about 5 years ago. He started crying and talking to me about his wife who had a brain tumor and the things that he had recently gone through. I told him that when things happen in life, it brings to the realization how fragile life really is. He told me she was better now. I said that’s why we need to be right with Jesus every moment, because he could take us home at any time. I told him I was so happy that he started going back to church, but just be sure to repent and trust in Jesus for everything. We then back to work. After we were done talking, I have to admit that I felt good that he felt comfortable and safe enough with me to let me in on a little bit of his life.

  22. It is amazing to me that people just start talking when I hand out 1 million dollar bills. Today after I gave one to an operator, he started telling me that when he was a junior in high school he went with his grandmother to China, Vietnam and Laos to hand out Bibles. I never knew that about him. I also gave one to a supervisor and he asked me if I was a Christian and what church I went to. He then told me that he has went to Hope before, but is home church was Calvary south bay when he lived here and when he moved to San Pedro he started going to Calvary in there. I also am on facebook and in the last 3 weeks I wrote the WDJD on my status and one of my friends from Biola told me to “Preach it, Brother”.
    My Daughter Ashley just came home from a soccer game and told me the she did the WDJD with to guys at the soccer game. I am very proud of her.

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