YouTube Evangelism: Is it Effective?


How effective is posting an evangelistic video on YouTube? I was concerned when I read the following comment sent to my account:

Please Read.
Pastor Steve,
I have recently watched some of your videos, and I have a couple of questions. I am under no circumstances trying to question your beliefs. I am 13 years old, and I do believe in God, but I don’t fully understand all of the things that he wants, and what he commands.

I have sinned, many times. I haven’t done anything terrible, I haven’t broken the law. But I feel like I have broken the law of God. I pray, and ask for forgivness, and I try my hardest not to commit the same sins over and over again. Does this mean I am going to hell? I have asked other pastors and they have told me as of now, No. That I am not perfect, and we all sin. After I watched your videos, and you asked people basic questions about if they have sinned, and you questioned not once but twice if they would go to Heaven or Hell, it made me iffy, that I am in the same place, but I still think that I haven’t done extremely bad things, I still think I will go to heaven. What do you…

And that’s how it ended. I went to my account to reply but the comment wasn’t even on my channel. I went to the account of the person who sent this to me, left a message and my email address, but no response. What’s more, I went to the sender’s account the very next day and found that my comment was gone! Was it a joke?

Then I received this nice comment on my channel from holybender666, typos and all: Expletive fat pice of expletive get a job expletive if i could make a replica of the finger id make one just for you”

Then later, he/she/it wrote: “i hope u got my comment u expletive”

And finally, a little bit later: “by the way my names damion ”

Is YouTube evangelism effective? What do you think?


  1. Wow!! You defiantly know you are making a difference when you get hecklers…and demonic sounding ones too. Keep on keeping on brother!!

  2. I think that YouTube evangelism is effective, especially with the way you approach it using the 10 Commands. You can reach a lot of people that way. I heard that people respond one of three ways to the gospel. Angrily because they reject Jesus and want control of their own lives. Sad because they reject Him and feel the hopelessness. Or joyfully because they believe and recieve Jesus. (Hopefully the gospel is falling on good soil in their hearts.) Whoever is playing games with you responded angrily,obviously. I believe he/she/it is under conviction.
    Satan hates evangelism. But, Steve you rock! You are a bold, strong, mighty man of God that has a powerful evangelistic call on your life. Plus you equip many Christians to share their faith. And you’re funny:)
    May the Lord repay and richly bless your work. The God of Israel whom you have come for refuge. Ruth 2:12

  3. I was playing basketball at a park in Bucharest, I went to give a guy and million Euro tract and share the gospel with him. He asked if I was that guy who does interviews on youtube. Apparently, he had watched the evangelistic videos I’d posted on youtube. Small world… or big God. I also noticed that the videos I’ve posted have been watched in Saudia Arabia and other middle east countries. I couldn’t easily go there and preach the gospel. Yet a youtube video made it there. 1 John 2:1-2

  4. If only every evangelist would take up their video camera and post a simple evangelistic message. What an opportunity!

  5. well i am new on YouTube evangelism, i am writing some paper on how to use YouTube to evangelized, i believe posting simple video clip in the youtube attract a lot of people especially if the topic is attractive and captivative. i want to continue to search how to use the YouTube more kindly assist with more materia, send it to my email.

  6. I recently produced a short video on my Son’s YouTube channel titled ONE QUESTION.

    The short “synopsis” of the video is:
    The most important question — let’s call it the “One Question” — you’ll ever have to answer for yourself, is answered in this short video using straightforward logic.

    Here’s the link:

    Thank you and God bless!!

  7. Yes, thank you for the encouragement. I evangelise a lot on the Youtube, making posts under all kinds of videos

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