Weak, Wimpy—and Wrong—Witness


With all the recent flak we took at the Fiesta Hermosa last weekend, it might have been a better idea to just wear this T-shirt—and smile! No ruckus. No offense. No repentance. Of course, there is no salvation, but that is besides the point; it would make everybody happy—except God…
null …and all those in torment who thought a simple prayer was all it took to get saved.
(Thanks to a for this.)


  1. This is terrible! No wonder the church is filled with false converts. This message of “fast-food” conversion is what is being preached and taught in many churches. I know many God-fearing Christians who evangelize this way. The sad thing is they don’t know that this gospel is unbiblical! That’s why it is our job as Christians to gently correct these serious errors before more people are duped into thinking they are saved because they simply prayed a prayer. Keep up the good work Steve and everyone else who preaches the true Gospel found in 1 Cor. 15:1-8. May we never stray from the truth. Stay strong through the Holy Spirit, my brothers and sisters, as you seek and save the lost.

  2. A simple prayer saved Peter from drowning did it not? It’s not the form of the prayer but the faith in the person being prayed to that saves.

    And to believe is to repent. The Gospel of John, written so that people would believe, nowhere once requires repentance. One cannot turn to Jesus Christ without turning from whatever else once held them.

    It’s not the form of evangelisim that causes the weakness in Christians but rather the lack of “feeding” for the new born babes … some who have been blessed in their evangelistic efforts and are actually gifted by the Holy Spirit still need to keep on studying the Scriptures to make sure they have a complete knowledge of God’s plan for Christians beyond evangelisim. There seems to be a temptation for a sort of pride for self if I am a wittness and a scorn for others who don’t wittness.

    Not helpful or Christ honoring. Rather, strengthen the brethren. Remember too, that some are called to be evangelists while everyone is called to wittness. The best evangelists encourage and train others. They don’t constantly slam them. “Receive ye him who is WEAK in the faith …”

    Build them up, don’t try to show them up!

  3. This is true, Dennis. But you are also well aware of the false conversions that are the result of “a simple prayer” prayed, without a sincere belief in the Savior.


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