Lost Liberties Regained: Woman Wins Free Speech Rights


Orange County, Florida, has settled a lawsuit with a woman who claimed her First Amendment rights were violated when county employees prohibited her from distributing religious literature in a local public park. Read the rest here.


  1. That it even had to go THAT far…amazing! God wins again!

  2. did you have trouble at the del amo mall? I am collecting evidence for a lawyer to sue them to stop harassing Christians. lmk
    Lee wiltfong
    310-679-1507. please call. thank you.

    this applys to anyone kicked out of the mall or harassed for sharing their faith. if you have been kicked out, please call. thank you

  3. I am trying to get our civil rights restored to preach the Gospel. If del amo security has harassed you, please call me at 310-679-1507. we have attorneys already on the case. we need to know what happened to people at the mall. California law is on our side. they have no right to prevent us from shareing our faith. don’t take it. fight back. I believe we will win. if security has banned you from the mall for your faith, they broke the law.
    they have no right to ban us. God has given us in this country, laws to protect us.

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