Fiesta Hermosa Good News



(Read the story that inspired this here.)

I had to send you some good news about the fair. My wife, Ingrid, and I were walking through the fair after our shift at the Gospel tract booth. Ingrid bought some sunglasses from a shop that was in the Fiesta Hermosa and she gave the owner a Million dollar bill Gospel tract. There was a young woman standing off to the side, listening intently.

After our purchase we walked outside and there were three women standing in the shade including the girl who overheard our conversation with the owner. We gave some tracts to all three of them, but one walked away. We spent some time talking to the other two girls, and they both ended up repenting and giving their life to the Lord.

No matter how much negative or opposition there is, it’s all worth it.

(The Caslins are graduates of our evangelism class who have now made sharing their faith a part of their daily lives.) (Read part 3 here!)

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