UP… and Down


Christine Brown has a good job,
a great boyfriend and a bright future.
But in three days,
she’s going to hell.


That’s the ad line for “Drag Me to Hell,” a new horror flick that opened last weekend. I thought of the great irony that I was standing in line to purchase tickets for “UP”, the awesome, wonderful, creative—clean—adventure from Pixar that also opened the same weekend. I made the right choice.

Others in line had the same choice: “UP” or “Hell.”

I asked the usher if he was going to see “Drag Me to Hell.”

“Probably,” he replied.

I offered him a Gospel tract. “Here. Take this. It can keep you out of Hell.”

After the movie my kids and I stood outside the doors of another theater handing out tracts to all those exiting the latest action adventure: “Terminator Salvation.”

Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved. (Acts 4:12)


  1. Totally forgot about DRAG ME TO HELL! I gotta go see that! (KIDDING!) Saw UP yesterday with a brother. We dropped some wallets in various bathrooms and crumpled bills in the casino.

  2. I so wanted to scout out a movie theatre that was playing “Drag Me to Hell” to hand out tracts on opening night last Friday. But there are no more independant theatres in Ottawa where the crowd is easily accessible. They are all in super-mega-cinema-plexes with 1000 different theatres to choose from in each and everyone is all over the place inside private property with security all around.

    I went out on the opening night anyway and spent a couple of hours handing out tracts down the street from the theatres to passersby.

    Did anyone else notice that the main character in this demonic movie, who is the victim of an evil curse dumped on her, is aptly named “CHRISTine”? Coincidence? I say not.

  3. Just as a way to communicate the ten commandments,
    I ended up with the following :

    Here is a list of 10 things God can/will judge us on:

    1. Do we put God our creator first on our lists of priorities?

    2. To what wrong things do we make the motivating factors in our life?

    3. Do we dishonor the Holy Name or reputation
    of God of heaven and earth out of carelessness?

    4. Do we trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ,
    and fully rest in His provision for us (Do we trust in God?)

    5. Do we honor and respect the sacrifices
    that were made for us by our parents or care givers?

    6. Do we love people created in the image of God enough,
    not to ever hate or desire their harm?

    7. Do we respect fidelity and purity ahead of our own physical
    or sexual desires?

    8. Do we love and respect people enough to never take things
    for yourself that is not rightfully yours?

    9. Do you ever gossip with out knowing the real truth or
    give a false story to protect yourself from shame?

    10. Do you let yourself get disappointed or angry because
    others have it better than you?

    How do you rate yourself?

    All of these things are very serious to God, and people in our time don’t
    even realize these types of violations are a sign of being spiritually dead
    and a very real danger of fatally corrupting ourselves and the people
    around us.

    If you are honest, you will find these requirements are being broken all the time.

    This is why we need supernatural help from God.

    And why Jesus went to all that extent to save us from death and wrath
    to come to us because we are committed to the wrong things.

    God helps us to understand the truth of this, and to repent.

    Jesus came from God to be the one to pay the price for your sins.

    Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, turn from your errors,
    start fresh and new (with a new life in Him) given to you
    by Grace and faith.

    Remain and hold to this faith given you and you will be saved.

    The very best to you!

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