Destination: NBA Finals and P.V. Street Fair

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On Thursday we’re planning a little trip to the Staples Center to preach to the enthusiastic crowds attending the NBA Finals. (There is another team waiting to preach in Florida, too, when the game arrives.) There is usually a strong police and Security presence, so we’ll be on guard—and on our best behavior to win some. (Read last year’s adventure when I got pulled off a street sign forcibly by clicking here.)

Meet at the Staples Center between 4-4:30PM. Park in any lot for about $10 and look for us. If you need my cell, leave a comment.

On Saturday we are going to test Jesus’ words by preaching to the rich and beautiful in the very wealthy hills of Palos Verdes at their Summer Street Fair.  We desire to see the rich get a fighting chance for Heaven even though it is very hard for them to enter in! We interviewed a hypnotist there last year (see it here!). Meet at Hope chapel at noon to carpool.

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  1. Hi EVERYONE!!
    Hey!! I went there today. It was really timinate experience at first, becuz I thought I would get “boot”. After a while, I was feeling good “tracting out” the tracts. wink!!
    I noticed something different here… I passed out the 100 dollar bill. It was about 1 half inches thick!! It ran out about 30 to 45 min gone!! then I handed out the one million dollar tract. It took a long time to get this into the people’s hand. At about thte last 30 min left of the evangelizing, I noticed that everyone from the class and from the group had 1 million dollar tracts so I changed the 1 mill $ tract to “Are You smart?” and “coffee trivia” tracts. BOY!!! People looked at my hands first and then take it from me! “What a good BAIT!!” Tom said.
    I also noticed something else, too. Whenever I approached the peole who are the promoter passing out the flyer, bulletin, or brochure, I “trade” these with 1 mill dollars tracts to them. They ALLLLL accepted my offer. Wow!!
    This experiement I have tried today with my big SMILING FACE. When I came into their booth and explored little bit, the person explained all stuff to me. I asked questioned, listened, smiled and thanked them and THEN I passed the tract to them. All of this took me about 5 minutes. About 90% of the owners, they accepted it. wow!!
    Anyway, (smile) no one is booting us out. Praise God, HUH?

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