The Everyday Club Report: For May


We started with over 50 enthusiastic, on-fire evangelists with a goal of handing out at least one tract a day, but I think the economy has gotten the better of them. What do I mean by that? Well, less than 20 are reporting in… and I understand.

It’s hard to stay committed these days to reaching the lost: We have great cable shows on TV, the summer blockbusters are here, the Lakers are in the finals (and the whole world is excited about that!), and there’s life. Life. Marriage, kids, friends, family—all good things, of course, but if they get us distracted from the important things, well, then, our priorities are out of order.

Here’s an opportunity to regroup (and if necessary, revise your personal evangelistic goal), and get on board again. Go ahead and post your totals for May in the comments section and state what your original goal was. You can either report that you made (or fell short of) your goal, or post the total number of tracts you gave out, personal witnessing encounters you had, or open air sessions you participated in. 

Remember, if we don’t make goals, we’ll reach them every time!

The Everyday Club gives you the opportunity to hold yourself accountable to whatever evangelistic goal that you have set for yourself, providing that it’s an everyday goal. Your goal can be to hand out one tract a day, or a thousand; it’s up to you! (You can join the 50+ others who have already signed up by clicking here!)


  1. My goal: 10 tracts a day, or 1 personal witness a day and open air when possible.

    I missed one day of my goal but by God’s grace was able to…

    Hand out 1570+ tracts
    Had 60 personal witness encounters
    Open air preached 25 times to over a 1000 people.

  2. Missed my goal on four days this month.

    Open-aired in Vasquez Rocks, San Fernando, Burbank, Glendale, Hollywood, North Hollywood, and Huntington Beach.

    A number of very good conversations, including conversations on both radio shows.

    Led an Ambassadors Academy and led Sermon on the Mount Saturday; and manned a Prayer Station at one of our local Wal-Marts.

    The Lord was once again very gracious to allow me to serve Him.

  3. My goal: 1 tract or 1 personal witness a day.

    I met my goal. I sometimes had to do two a day to make up for not doing one the previous day, but I averaged 1 tract a day.

  4. Not very good at all. I did not pass out any tracts. I did evangelize a few times every week to someone. But I really don’t have a good excuse except for I have been putting other things before this most important thing. The goal still remains the same:

    1 track/witness/ or open air preaching everyday.

    Pray for me guys as I will be getting married in 20 days and i want to carry the flame from here to there on through the honeymoon as well.

  5. My goal of leaving tracts when I was able to get out from my job, I missed two places but left tracts at all the others.

    I Open Aired 3 times in the month of May and handed out about 500 tracts.

    I did one on one witnessing with 5 people.

  6. My goal: lay out at least 3 tracts a day, witness to a person, or open air.

    This month I was slacking, but I laid out tracts in many places and almost every time I stopped for gas. I will get back on it this month. I witnessed to a few people and had several good talks. Tonight I’m meeting with a girl to discuss salvation and Calvinism. She isn’t saved (well, when I asked her her testimony she said, “I don’t know Jacob, I just felt like I should baptized and that’s it.” Eek!) so I will go over salvation and the reasons why and the covenants and such…
    I think I hadn’t out about
    130 Tracts
    Had 5 personal witnessing encounters
    And I haven’t open aired.

    Hahaha, like I said…I’ve been slacking.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Calvinist,

  7. My revised (revised from the original goal) goal is to hand out at least one tract every time I am out in public and leaving at least 5 for people to find. I missed that goal three times this month.

    I thought I could make up for missing so many days by doing some stop light preaching one Saturday, so I went walking around town looking for a busy stoplight to preach at. After walking around the whole town I realized, hey, this town has no stop lights! I can’t believe I spent all that time walking around town! That is 10 minutes of my life I will never get back 🙂

    I did set up a tract station on my desk at work though. The details are here…

    While I live in a small town, I do work in a slightly larger town (pop 72,000) and the company I work for is the largest employer there, so I figure while I can’t open air at work :), I can at least find a creative way to distribute tracts.

    The only other busy place I found in the town I work in is the college, but unfortunately it is break time there. I can’t wait until they get back into regular session!

    For May:
    79 Tracts left laying around
    37 Tracts handed out

  8. It was an encouraging month. I missed one day of my goal of handing out 3 tracts and or doing a personal witness each day. My son began coming downtown with me each week, what a blessing. I did one open air and distrubuted roughly 500-600 tracts, while also doing five personal witnesses. I am keeping my goal the same for the tracts and personal witness but am setting a goal to preach at least twice this month in the open air. What a privilege to serve the Lord!

  9. Steve,

    You gotta keep reminding me to report in bro! I’m actually almost out of tracts cuz I’ve been a busy gal this month. I’ve got a friend bringing a bunch from the states in two weeks so I’ll be supplied up again soon. I had two one-on-ones just yesterday and was so encougaged that after sharing with a 16 year old guy who works at a coffee shop, Jorge.

    Jorge told me after I shared the Biblical gospel with him that his mother always tells him that real friends will share with you the bad things you need to hear and not just tell you the good things. Jorge told us (while he was trying to keep from crying) that “I think you guys must b real friends then.” At that point I almost started crying! We’re going back to visit Jorge and give him a Bible!

  10. God is good…Since I’ve been unemployed this month I met my goal of 1 tract/witness/preaching each day. I find it much easier going with a team. So I went to Armed Forces & Gay Pride Parades, Fiesta Hermosa, Israel Independence Day Festival, Venice Beach, and participated in Sermon on the Mount Sat.

    Lots of good conversations esp. at Fiesta Hermosa. The “Intelligence Test” is a great tool!

    Handed out 1200+ tracts
    About 50 personal witness encounters
    Open Air preached 5 times

  11. My goal: a 1-2-1 witnessing conversation each day (prefered) or hand out 10 tracts. March and April I missed 5 days each. In May I missed 7 days. I feel like I’m learning more about witnessing and becoming much more bold, but I am also experiencing different and more sophisticated types of opposition than before. I have much to learn, but God isn’t through with me yet!

  12. is it june already?

    i can’t go out everyday…i work 2d/wk, homeschool, the normal mom stuff but, when i did go out i…

    > i try to be an ambassador & ready with an answer for Christ at work.
    > passed out a estimated total of 100 tracts.
    > took part in “sermon on the mount saturday”…opened aired 7 times in montrose, old town pasadena, glendale.
    > x4, 1-2-1 witnessing. i fell short of my personal goal to talk to more people.

    i have a desire to witness & pass out tracts to my local high school but find this difficult to get going. please pray for me in this area.

    some encouragement to my brothers & sisters-in-Christ & if i might borrow the words of a well-known preacher…”don’t quit!”


  13. Exceeded goal for the month (average at least one seed sown every day), including my first ever open air preaching!! praise God!

  14. I didn’t pass out as many tracts as I would have like to. The kids and I gave several away to passersby in front of our house. I gave one to a man that opened a Psychic Shop in the nearest town to ours. I drove right up to him and said, “This is for you.” He was very polite and thanked me. We have been witnessing to telemarketers. They tell us they are not interested and go into their pitch again. That was a fun way to deal with them! Please pray for him! Please pray for my (evangelistic) blog to be used of the Lord for salvation sake.

  15. I wanted to hand out 10 tracts / day.

    I averaged 7 tracts /day. Open air preached 2 times and talked 1-2-1 lots!!!!! Yippee – Praise God!!!!

  16. Just found my goal list: Praise God for the results!!!!!

    1. To hand out (at least) 1 tract/day: I averaged 7
    2. To not walk out the door w/o tracts in pocket: Yep
    3. Buy coffee for next car in line at drive through: Missed 10 days
    4. To find a fishing pond: Still working on it. Although think I found it – have open aired twice this month.
    5. To teach what I’ve learned to others: Yes, our bible study is doing TWOTM
    6. 1-2-1 once/week: Yes.

  17. Hellooooo from Tulsa,Oklahoma,USA! 🙂

    In May…I distributed …at least… one tract a day! Praise God!! 🙂

    On May 8th..I started Fulltime work as a Porter at my apartment complex!
    M-F …8-5…weekends off! My medical and dental benefits start after 90 days! Praise God!!! 🙂 I had been unemployed since September 2008! 🙁
    Thanks for all your prayers! 🙂
    Continue praying for Healing in my body! 🙂 Thanks!!! 🙂

    Have a great day!!! I love ya all!! xxxxooxxx

    A Servant of Jesus,Craig

  18. I said in last month’s report that I would do better in May. But if it wasn’t for having to work for a living, weddings and funerals, I would have done better than

    7 x one-on-on gospel conversations and
    256 x gospel tracts handed out.

    I’m glad this isn’t a competition. I’ll do better in June. No, really!

  19. Last month by the grace of God i was able to hand out tracts on a one to one bases more than the previous month(not alot by any means but more than the past).

    I was able to hand out a few hundred a college campus as well as manhattan this past saturday.

    I was able to have more one to one conversations and plant seeds with i say about 10 along with a fellow christian at the campus/manhattan and i was able to speak to another co-worker…i seem to always come across a belief (buddhism, muslim, atheism) other than the one’s i studied abit=)’s okay because it allows me to learn more about other beliefs and how to engage them.

    I did a half open air..i was to finish after someone started and it was cut short-we were on a train- and i was like opps and ran off the train before saying thank u=) friend had to finfish 4 me i was so nervous.

    This month i’m going to try to give tracts out to at least one person while traveling by bus on the way to work and back and while shopping etc.. and i’m going to practice more memorization of scripture and study more about atheism, buddism, muslim and jehovahs witnesse’s.
    And please pray that i might be able to have another christian be able to witness with me in my community. And may all the seeds being planted grow and may they spring forward in repentance and trust in Jesus Christ!!!!

  20. I have to say Allan that tract station is sooo cool!!!!! What an great idea..very creative!!!

  21. Hey Pastor Steve and All,

    I haven’t checked in regularly, but have been sharing at least one tract (usually MDB or Gospel of John or both if the personal seems receptive)
    a day. I miss occasionally, if I don’t go out that day, but that is rare. Thanks for checking in and being a great cheerleader!!

    Because He Lives!!

    joy g in New Hampshire

  22. May was a fabulous month! I went to my first Kentucky Derby and had several one on ones. Witnessed to my first Muslim. My kids got in on the action too and we all handed out hundreds of tracts on Derby Day. I got a few other one on ones in through the month and then, (this last weekend in May) got to share the Gospel at an outreach in a Hispanic neighborhood. My husband got to go door to door and had several good one on ones with people in the area. Around 300 + people attended and it was to help launch a church in this area of our city that is primarily Hispanic.

    For some reason, there are a lot of Mormon “missionaries” around town this summer. So pray that I can work up the courage to speak to them. Of all things, Mormons are the most difficult for me because we have two that we have witnessed to for years and they are quite difficult to witness to because of their rabbit trails they take when talking with them.

  23. Over 150 tracts and 3 one-to-one conversations……still not meeting my goal of 10 per day…i think its time to get creative. Keep serving the King everybody!!!

  24. Goal: 10 tracts or one personal witnessing conversation a day. Daily prayer for those I’ve witnessed to. Open-air as opportunities arise.

    I missed roughly 9 days this month.

    Tracts: 1500+

    Didn’t do much One2One, it was more like One2Two, One2Three, and One2Foury
    So, personal conversations: ~50 people.

    Daily Prayer: a few days, : (

    Open-air: 1 attempt (no mic and I don’t have Whitfield’s voice)

    I think I’m going to add one more goal to the list: sharing WOTM, not just Hell’s Best Kept Secret the whole WOTM, with one Christian a week (4-5 a month). I pray that God would raise up more laborers and send them into the vast harvest field. But why stop with prayer if God can further use me?

  25. I missed my goal on too many days, but a few one2one’s a week.

  26. Howdy my brothers and sisters,

    The month of May was really good for this farmer. However, we did miss three days.

    My goal has been to hand out 10 tracts each day or have a one to one conversation.

    One 2 one: 34

    Tracts: 1,855

    Open-air: 12 (DMV, World Famous Pinks Hot Dogs, Grumman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, Hermosa Beach Fiesta Fair, Staples Center and Nokia Center in Los Angeles0.

    Wingman: 4 (these are the times I prayed while my brother preached the law and gospel at the DMV)

    Hearers: 1,315 (these are the approximate numbers of folks who were present while the L&G was preached).

    Inner-air: 2 (these were the times when the L&G was preached indoors), at a convalescent hospital.

    Stop light preaching: 10

    I’m so encouraged by what you all are doing for the Lord and how God has been blessing your efforts for the kingdom.

    Sowing seeds,


  27. I am a sad story, sorry Lord. I did not pass out one tract in May, my goal was one a day and one-on-one at least once a week. June will be better.

  28. I have been still passing out at least 1 tract or more still since I started in the second week of january this yesr and am trying to do this every day natuarually.

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