The Pooper Peeper Tract


I saw this disgustingly funny and effective tract called and I want to share it with you:


Here is a description of the tract from someone who saw it:

“My wife once saw a calendar of events called The Bathroom Reader hanging on the wall in a college restroom. That simple idea sparked both my imagination and passion for evangelism, producing one of the most crass gospel tracts ever created — The Pooper Peeper. With a little tape and a lot of dedication, evangelists across the globe have witnessed where no man has witnessed before. Replacing the trash that lurks on the backs of stall doors, people who sit down for a spell get to read the gospel…”

This is a wonderful tract for the head of any evangelism team.

Click here to print your very own POOPER PEEPER tract!

R.A. Torrey said:
null “Oftentimes people who are too proud to be talked with, will read a tract when no one is looking. There is many a man who would repulse you if you tried to speak to him about his soul, who will read a tract if you leave it on his table, or in some other place where he comes upon it accidentally, and that tract may be used for his salvation.”


  1. Preacher: “Yes! YOU sir! The fellow in the red shirt sitting in the fourth pew. Please, stand up and share your testimony with all of us here starting with where you were when the gospel first convicted you.

    Guest: “Uuhhh…ahem…I’m not sure you…uh…really wanna know that.”

  2. That was a good one, Paul.

    Long Canadian winter, huh?

  3. Whadya mean “long winter”, eh?? The first day of winter is not officially here until Saturday! Here in the Ottawa region, we had more snow fall last week than fell ALL last winter! Everything is buried!

    The big capper storm was yesterday. I’m just heading out for a few hours to shovel the record 37.5cm of one day snow fall from our driveway. (In American terms, that converts to 374 FEET!!)

    City snow plow drivers will, no doubt, pass by just before I finish shoveling and plug my driveway with another ton of snow for me to hurl. Little do they know: a million dollar token of gratitude awaits them.

  4. Forgive me. I forgot that all people outside of CA. have four seasons; we have only two: Summer and Winter. Winter starts the first day after summer ends and goes all the way to the first day of Summer.

    You can tell the change of seasons, too. Winter is when traffic is less.

  5. Haha, that’s so true. I like that definition of when the seasons change around here. So when did summer end this year, November? That’s my guess anyway.

    God bless,
    from a fellow So Cal resident.

  6. Yes, we here in the real world have 4 seasons. They are called: autumn, winter, spring and road construction.

    So the plow guy never showed up. But just as I began my snowpacked driveway hurlathon, this guy shows up out of the blue in a beat up car. A fellow out of work for the winter and offering snow shoveling service for 20 bucks/hour. Didn’t think twice about this opportunity.

    He worked like a horse for an hour helping me out and we chatted the whole time through. Of course, I was leading the converstation somewhere.

    At the hour’s end, we had already talked about “sudden death” situations and he told me he fears the afterlife even though he believes he is going to Heaven because he is…you know…a good person.

    I gave him the test. He found himself convicted in God’s Court of Law. He heard the gospel. He said the things he heard made sense. He left with a promise to be prayed for, a smile, a thank you and his pay: $1,000,020.

    I LOVE how God orchestrates these opportunities!

  7. his pay: $1,000,020????

    What do you call a person who tells a lie?? …


    kidding… put your stones away.

    I like the pooper-peeper. I have them in the two bathrooms in my place. Of course they were not put together by Ray, but what better place to renew the mind than sittin on the comode? lol.

  8. No stones coming from me Val. My aim is not that good from 3000 miles away! I think I got a faulty sling.

    The funny thing, however, about Canadian currency is that it looks like funny money to begin with. The Canadian million dollar tract is a wonderful rendition of a real bill. So who knows? Maybe shovel guy might be able to cash it in somewhere without being arrested.

  9. I don’t think Val understood that you meant a million dollar Gospel tract plus $20.00!

    BTW, Val is our Wednesday Social Security office preacher. What do you expect?

  10. I was just joking around. lol! No, your right. I thought you we’re joking around saying that the guy charges too much. Must have been too tired to understand what I was reading. You gave a million bill + $20.00. Sounds like something I would do… minus the $20.00. lol.

  11. I did a version of this idea… but for some reason, the ministry didn’t want to do it officially. HA! I’ll send it to you. 🙂

  12. I don’t know that our ministry will adopt this as a tract we use “officially” but I have to say that I like the effort. I will probably give it a try, why not the message is accurate no matter where it is read.

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