Happily Disappointed


I’m happy and disappointed.

I’m happy that about 17 students finished my latest evangelism class. I’m disappointed that we started with 31.
null Despite the name of my class being “Sharing Your Faith Without Fear,” and that when students finish they have less fear when evangelizing, the sad fact is that people don’t finish because they are fearful. Here are the stats:

Usually, 30% drop out after the first class.
Usually, 50% drop out by the last class.

I figured out why. If you take a prayer class, at the end of the training you will know how to pray. At the end of a doctrines class, you will be a little smarter. But when you take an evangelism class, you actually have to evangelize those unsaved pagans.

And who wants to do that?

Read what Ray Comfort thinks about all this below.



  1. I don’t mean to make light of the disappointing circumstances regarding your class, but could it be that the dropouts misread the program title as: “Sharing Your Fear Without Faith?”

    It just goes to show the adage is true: “It is easier for men to talk TO God than it is for men to talk ABOUT God.”

    Ray’s analogy is so right on the mark! And I am sure your class adequately stresses the URGENCY of gospel giving. Unfortunately, there are as many excuses for the reluctance to share the gospel as there are reasons for the need.

    Nonetheless, the bright side is the fact that you now have 17 more swordsmen today than you did yesterday. That alone speaks volumes for your course. Be confident the King is pleased.

  2. Yeah, I hoped all who started the class would have finished too. On the up-side, yesterday as I was going around shopping and running errands, I handed out at least 12 tracks. (And for zero points!) I still do not see myself as an evangelist, I have to push myself to ask the million dollar question, and yet… I see the tremendous responsibility and the huge opportunity. I will gather with Jesus, and not scatter.

    Jerry Zellot

  3. Paul, “Sharing your fear w/o faith”! I think I can use that!

    Jerry, Keep it up. You were a good student!

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