Pooper Peeper Praise!


My friend from Canada, Paul LaTour, imagines this scenario during church testimony time from a “Pooper Peeper tract” (see below) convert:

Preacher: “Yes! YOU sir! The fellow in the red shirt sitting in the fourth pew. Please, stand up and share your testimony with all of us here starting with where you were when the gospel first convicted you.

Congregant: “Uuhhh…ahem…I’m not sure you…uh…really wanna know that.”


  1. I got one of those gospel tracts from the evangelism class, it’s cool!! I actually made copies of them and posted it on each of our 4 bathrooms at work almost a month ago. Somehow I noticed the week after, 2 of them disappeared for days and about a week ago it reappeared. As of now, I still have at least 3 of them still posted and doing the evangelizing in private.
    One time I missed the opportunity of leaving them inside 1 of the restaurants bathrooms coz I somehow took the adhesive tapes out of my purse and left them somewhere at home.

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