The Mother of All Evangelism Events: USC Football!


“I’m vexed. Dead people walking around.” That was the observation of one of the evangelists who witnessed the endless tailgate party that is pre-game USC football. This place is not for the faint-of-heart… but it sure is fun!

“The church must get involved,” said Anita, a first-timer to the pigskin party. In shock she gasped, “Someone actually burped on my daughter!”

“Someone grabbed the [Gospel tracts} from my hand, tore them and said, ‘It’s raining!'”

One man gave me the “crazy sign”, while circling his index finger around his ear and blurted, “You are an idiot!”

“Religion is for the weak!”

A first time stop light preacher got hit in the head with a football, knocking off his glasses. He bent over, picked them up and put them on again, then… Whack! Another football hit him in the face.

“Do you think you are doing God’s will?” an irate lady hollared.

A blind woman asked her husband about the preaching. He replied, “It’s just those million dollar people.”

Join us for the fun this Saturday! Meet at Hope Chapel at noon; we’re leaving promptly at 12:15. If you are in the L.A. area, meet at the L.A. DMV (3615 S. Hope Street, where you can park for free) by 12:00 (we will have a team arriving early).

Images are from USC Upset, Part 1.

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