The Last Everyday Club Report


Due to the changes in my life, specifically, my move to Texas to plant a church, I will not be moderating The Everyday Club after this posting. Will I try to continue to share my faith every day? Of course. And so will you if you are committed to doing the work of an evangelist.

I spoke to one of our custodians here at Hope Chapel (we call them “Stewards”) after I preached my last sermon on Sunday. He told me that he has not missed a day handing out a tract since taking my evangelism class. I asked him how long it had been since graduating. “Three years!” he replied.

Did I mention that this man is deaf?

Thanks for your participation over the years! Continue to go into all the world…!

(And don’t forget to leave how you did in August in the comments below.)


  1. I was not able to make my goal this month since I was in a Communist country for nearly two weeks (Vietnam), sold my house, and moved my family to Texas. Whew!

    I will continue to try to keep my goal, but the times they are a changin’.

  2. I know there were plenty of days that I missed this month, but September is another month of opportunity! Sorry to see the club get shut down, but look forward to seeing how else God will use you for His glory! God bless!

  3. Should have had a perfect month especially after reading how your “student” hasn’t missed a day in three years. I’m a tad bit embarrassed!!
    I’ll keep pressing on!

  4. Shared the gospel every day.
    Will miss this forum. Thanks for running it all these years.

  5. Thanks Steve, for helping getting me started on a wonderful daily discipline that has turned into a habit and is now well on its way to becoming a natural way of life! I had to start with the same kind of goals and discipline for prayer and Bible reading, and now sharing my faith has also become more natural as a result. I’ve also been writing blog posts of my conversations every so often, and have now written over 900 witnessing stories! Setting a goal to share my faith through at least one witnessing conversation a day ranks up in the top five most important decisions I’ve made in my life! Thanks for your encouragement to do so! Jeff Reiman

  6. On our outreach to the homeless, we met a man in a wheelchair who was staying with another homeless family (a man, wife, and son) and shared the Gospel with them. Trying to find a place for the man in the wheelchair to live has been challenging, while the woman gave birth to a baby boy a couple of days later. A friend has spent countless hours serving these people by providing food, trying to find shelter, and helping with the hospital stays for the woman who had the baby and the man in the wheelchair. This has definitely been a work cut out for us that was more than we originally bargained for! I was praying throughout the week that we would talk to the exact people God wanted us to that night. It started raining hard, and we all had to leave the place and only stayed for about an hour or so.

  7. I am going to miss posting here, Steve. It is through your blog that I found out about the Bezeugen Tract Club. Through the club, using these tracts, I have shared my faith more than ever. I will be meeting Carl Kalbfleish for the first time in person when I go to help out with the evangelism booth at the Texas State Fair in October. For August, I missed my goal on 7 or 8 days. We did bar evangelism on the 30th, where we met two atheist who just moved to the area. We are seeking further dialog with each other. I had several divine appointments; two where men had been asked the same questions before. On Labor Day, I took a young man named Courtney through 3 of the commandments. He admitted that he was guilty. Thanks for the encouragement! I look forward to seeing what The Lord is going to do through you in Austin! I’ll be praying for you and your family!

  8. Texas will be blessed to have you. You have been such an incredible inspiration to me and many others. stay strong in the Lord and the power of His might. let us know about your new church so we can keep in touch. I will continue to share my faith and pass out tracts as long as the Lord gives me breath. May God bless you as you minister in Texas

  9. For the month of August I missed four days. I will miss posting and reading how others are doing in this blog. Posting month to month has been a great way to keep me looking forward. I know it’s not about the numbers, it’s about being faithful to the call to share the Gospel. I won’t stop sharing my faith or stop doing something evangelistic everyday! To God be the glory.

  10. August was a mix up month I had a lot of high’s (open-air preaching officially for the first time since 2009) but I know I missed probably more then 3 days in leaving or handing out a gospel tract :(. But September has started out very good, I got to go to a big Labor Day Parade and handed out at least 200 hundred patriotic themed gospel tracts!!! Going to miss the Everyday Club I liked writing on here and reading what others were doing. God bless to all my brothers and sisters on here as they go forth with the gospel of Jesus Christ!!!

    • I suppose the last time you preached in the open air was on a trash can. True? In Hollywood? And didn’t you get yelled at by the LAPD?

      • Ha Ha Ha! No, if I remember correctly that was September of 2008 with the trash can thing, but a year later in September of 2009 was my last “offical” open-air. Though I did do an inner air at my grandfather’s funeral in November of 2009. Its just great to be back out there again proclaiming it and that has a lot to do with the great idea of cross carrying!! And how did you know all that happened in Hollywood Pastor Steve! 😉

  11. Dear Steve,

    I cherish the time you spent with my brother Chad and I when we came to visit you. The first time I open air preached was with your team at the Laker Victory Parade a few years ago. It was awesome to stand way up high in the middle of Figueroa Street and thunder out the gospel to 1000’s through your half-mile hailer. You will share in whatever reward our Father has for me in heaven.

    August is a great month for evangelism in Southern California, but I missed 3 days last month. I have a regular venue for open air preaching and have preached the gospel through every book of the Bible from Genesis through Luke (tomorrow). Hoping to continue with the 66 day challenge.

    Much thanks to you…I’ll tell my family in Texas to pay you a visit!

    Your brother and friend, Eric Stuckey

  12. Hello Steve,

    It seems strange that this will be the last entry here, but I wanted to thank you for the everyday challenge, although I missed most of the days in August due to my broken bones in my foot, it is still hard to stand for very long.

    I wanted to thank you Steve for the great testimony you have been to me.

    When I was in my 20’s, my friends and I would go out witness, but as time passed that ended. But some 20 years later through your club challenge to share the Gospel everyday, it wasn’t just something I did with my friends, but witnessing was personal, I can’t leave the house or go on vacation anymore without handfuls of tracts, because frankly I don’t know what opportunities God will provide to share the Gospel.

  13. Thank you for your dedication to the Everyday Club. It has kept me aware on my daily walk of spreading the Only Seed that will bring us eternal Life. To God be the glory! May God bless you in your future endeavors . . .

  14. Sad to see you go. Praying for you and your family.

    I had a good month. I missed a few days though.
    Thanks to your blog,I finally had the courage to start going to
    a local abortion clinic, thank you for encouraging me through
    your posts.

  15. Missed several days in August. I need to get committed again. It’s harder to give out tracts since I’m not travelling on business any more. Have to make the opportunities – they aren’t there automatically.

    Thanks and I hope there is someone to keep this going.

    Best Wishes & Prayers for you & your family, Pastor Steve.

    Tom in Redlands

  16. I will report that our new local atheist group has grown by leaps and bounds. We are now searching for our 4th new venue as we have outgrown 3 others since April.

  17. I feel so blessed to have answered God’s call to join the Everyday Club this year in February, and if it ends, to have partaken in it’s last year. I have gained discipline and encouragement from your blog and through logging my tracts and one-to-one’s everyday and will continue to do so. I missed 1 day in August. I had a one-to-one with a Co-Worker whose boyfriend’s mother is a Religious Catholic. I explained the difference to her between Christianity and Catholicism with Baptism, Original Sin, and the Law and Gospel.

    May God Bless you Steve and your Family abundantly in your new life in Texas and your new Church.

    Thank You for Your Perseverance!

    -John Scott

  18. August was a good month. I got a lot of interviews with a lot of people. We go to a local community college, so we get out tons of tracts and tons of gospel messages in the forms of one-2-one’s. Thank you for this everyday club Steve! Sad to see you go.

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