So much to write, too little…etc.


Lest you think that I don’t have anything more to say….

I’m in a huge transition in my life with my trust in God increasing like never before (except for the first year that I was saved).

Please don’t give up on this blog; it, too, is in transition. I just bought the domain name: As  mentioned a few months prior, this blog will be changing focus, from evangelism only (which had the potential of reaching about 2% of the Christian population), to a more broad-based approach. Basically, I will be writing about all facets of the Christian life as I experience it by being a Texas church planter.

Thanks for your support, all ten of you.

Please listen to the last sermon I preached at my church, Hope Chapel, called “Not By Sight.”


  1. Steve, I am looking forward to read all the great things God will accomplish through you and your family as you step out in faith !

  2. I hope you’re counting my family and me! We can’t wait for the first service. It will be a drive (about 45 miles there) but one we are looking forward too!

    • I would love to have you come. Maybe sooner than later?

      • We would love to help. If you can see my email, please drop a line. I am having surgery tomorrow and will be out of pocket for a couple days, with a short recovery (aprx 10 days). If you have your same email, I can contact you in a couple days if that helps. We are off on weekends.

  3. Can’t wait to hear about all the new beginnings from deep in the heart of Texas

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