My Last Sermon: “Not By Sight”


I gave my last sermon at Hope Chapel last Labor Day Weekend called “Not By Sight.” It summed up my tenure at Hope Chapel: how I got saved there, met my wife there, got hired there, dedicated my kids to the Lord there, and then later, baptized them there.

It’s been a wonderful ride.

I also go through the entire “Faith Chapter,” of Hebrews 11 in about 20 minutes and explain how God called me to Texas.

In essence, this a message on how I’ve learned to walk by faith.

You will be encouraged. If not, double your money back.

Listen to it or watch it by clicking here.


  1. “dedicated my kids to the Lord there,”

    That always seems so presumptuous to me. Shouldn’t they have a say in it?

  2. An excellent message Steve; one of your best!!

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