My Last Days with Ray Comfort


I was greatly honored to be asked to appear on the very first episode of Living Waters’ new show, “The Comfort Zone,” last Monday.

Though it was the first show filmed, it won’t be on TV for awhile because it’s a replacement for when the guys are out of town. The actual debut is on September 16! Still, we had a lot of fun and I was able to share a little about my upcoming church plant in Texas. Did you know that TBN has picked up “The Comfort Zone” as well? It’s going to be in over 100 markets!

And man, can these guys eat! (It’s very patriotic to evangelize by the way.)

So even though it’s the end of “On the Box,” it’s a new beginning in many ways… a new show, my new church! (My last time preaching with Ray will be this Saturday at the Huntington Pier. We will be down there by 1:30pm)


  1. I never realized you were so photogenic!!!!

  2. I’ll miss you steve, have a great life

  3. What a great bunch of guys!!

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