Feelings. Nothing More Than Feelings.


While at church on Sunday a friend asked me how I felt. I had to think about it.

  • A few days prior, I had barely recovered from my trip to Vietnam and packed up everything to move our stuff to Texas.


  • I had just finished locking the doors to my Long Beach home for the very last time.
  • Except for some from friends who have offered me a place to stay, I’m officially homeless in California.
  • My family is in Texas living in a brand new home I haven’t seen except for online.
  • My daughters, after being home-schooled their entire lives, officially started public school today.
  • My office is empty except for a few notebooks and miscellany.


  • I have never planted a  church before, but that is what I’ll be doing in about a month.

I responded to my friend’s question in this way:  “I don’t go by feelings.”

At our beach baptism later that afternoon, as I looked at all the people publicly professing their faith in Christ by being dunked in the ocean, I reflected on how much I was going to miss my Hope Chapel family of twenty-three years.

Then I wept.

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” ― Corrie Ten Boom


  1. I’m reminded of the “train” illustration used by Campus Crusade for Christ–I don’t know if they still use it: The train has the locomotive and its tender (coal car), and a caboose. The locomotive and tender are FACT (God and His Word) and FAITH (our trust in God and His Word). The caboose is FEELING (the result of our faith and obedience). The train can run with or without the caboose. So as Christians, we trust God and His Word–not our feelings– to guide our lives and decisions. Yet the feelings are real, and they can tell us much about what’s going on inside our hearts.

  2. Love the Vietnam pictures–it brings back memories of being “nearby” in Penang, Malaysia about ten years ago. (only 1000 miles away or so!) Blessings on you as you move to Texas!

    (and let us know if the tropical heat of Vietnam helped you adjust to Austin) :^)

  3. I (Deanna too) will miss you greatly! I have learned from your class and… yourself as well how to present the gospel in a “biblical” way; it’s a priceless treasure!
    Can’t wait to see how our gracious Lord uses you in your new surroundings! There are some folks in Dripping Springs that are in for a real blessing!

  4. I miss my Hope family all the time; after only attending about 4 years; since my move to the valley. I try and visit very often … so I can only imagine Steve after 23 years!!!!!!?? big pat on the back!!! I’m sure Hope will miss you as much as you will miss it too!! 🙁

  5. I don’t think you know what it means to actually be homeless, Steve.

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