The Hollywood B-List Parade, 2010


Corbin Bernsen got one; Louis Gossett Jr. did, too.

What did they get? Giant Money Gospel tracts at the Hollywood Christmas Parade where our evangelism team braved the elements  (45 degrees with howling winds) to get the Word out to the thousands on the sidelines, and to those who sometimes make the headlines. (Click here to read the 12 Step Program for evangelizing at Parades.)

Ready to get starstruck? Here we go with some exciting candid photos of up-and-coming semi-celebrities that TMZ most certainly would ignore, but not us.

Wow! My daughter gave a tract to either Boo Boo Stewart (Who? Movie: Eclipse. We have a dog we call Boo Boo) or Jason Earles, who plays the brother of Miley Cyrus on Hannah Montana. (Hey! I had to Google these guys to figure out who they are. Really.)

Ione Skye is intently reading the tract I gave her. Remember her from the film “Say Anything”? I figured not.

Wow! It’s Danny Trejo from the “Spy Kids” movies…and many more! According to IMDb he was a child drug addict, and a criminal who was in and out of jail for 11 years. According to his Wiki bio Trejo often speaks in front of youth groups and at colleges and encourages young people to avoid making the mistakes he did while growing up. Maybe he’ll read the tract, believe, and make a real difference in the world someday. I sure hope so.

And this is the main reason why it’s a good thing to hand out Gospel literature to celebs: If they get saved, they can use their  celebrity to pass on the good news of the Gospel. Look what happened to Kirk Cameron. It is possible, ya know.

Not to be out done by her little sister, my other daughter gave her Giant Money to…HEY! (All together now… “Who are those guys?”) You Google ’em.

The host of “The Bachelor” got one as well. Folks, don’t think less of me because I’m in these photos.

I have no idea who this is, do you?

My daughter was concerned about the ear muffs I was wearing because they were my wife’s. I told her not to worry because we were in…Hollywood. Hooray!

Even old-time stars like Stephanie Powers had the opportunity to receive eternal life.

She’s been on tons of TV shows from “Bonanza” to “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” to “It Takes a Thief,” all shows I watched as a kid, and I’m over 50!!!

No matter how old, how famous, how bad or how good you are, Christ always offers forgiveness to those who humble themselves before His mighty hand. Our hope, after handing out thousands of Gospel tracts at this parade, is that many would turn to their Savior, the Savior for which this parade is named.

Tomorrow, see the youngest evangelist ever, probably in the history of the world, who helped us out at this parade.

We’re going to two more parades this weekend. Click here for details if you’d like to come.

See the celebrities from last year’s parade by clicking here.

See Stevie Wonder get a Gospel tract here.


  1. What a mean-spirited post.

    I like how you covered Danny’s past but ignore that he cleaned himself up in prison and speaks to various youth groups about it. He’s making more of a difference than you ever will.

    Another quick google search (just doing what you asked) showed me this. Why did you not post this information? Why do you keep trying to deceive people?

  2. “Who is this?” Answer: Melanie Griffith(s)

  3. Who is this? She is a pro dancer who was in the finale of Dancing with the Stars! Lacey Schwimmer

  4. Thanks ladies for identifying the mystery lady.


    I really meant this post to be light-hearted and fun. I’m sorry you see this as mean-spirited. As far as Danny is concerned, I’m very glad that he is doing good. I wasn’t trying to slant anything. I just grabbed one line from his bio to demonstrate that Christ can use all people from all backgrounds.

    And the reason I don’t know these celebs? I don’t watch TV.

    C’mon, my friend, smile a little.

    EDIT: I added the good stuff about Danny per your suggestion which made my comments about him even better. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Update on the mystery lady. I looked at the celebs from the parade and none of those gals are mentioned. Take a look for yourself and tell me who you think it is. Here’s the link for all the celebs in the parade:

  6. Evangelism to Celebrities is tough work, Hollywood Secular Progressivism tends to be their God rather than the Judeo-Christian one! I do like your posing with the camera with the celeb shot Steve, were you ‘star struck’?

  7. I don’t know them either, for as you I don’t watch tv but maybe a little of the news, So I can’t be starstruck when there not known, Nor an influence.
    But Danny doesn’t seem to get it. It’s all about there soul and what will happen to them on Judgment day. Keep up the good work Steve!

  8. My guess on mystery Lady is Lacey Schwimmer.
    apparently she used to be a brunette.

    Based on this..

  9. Well, Mike, I think that’s who it is! Good job, Cindy!

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