The Blasphemy Challenge Revisited, Again.


It’s been two years since I posted a video response to “The Blasphemy Challenge,” a YouTube event that encourages the ignorant and foolish to “deny the Holy Spirit” on video, and has so far encouraged thousands upon thousands of people to risk eternal Hell by committing “the unpardonable sin.”

Now we all know that it takes a lot more than just making a silly video denying the Holy Spirit that condemns someone for eternity; it’s actually a life that is unrepentant toward God, a life that lives for sin, and dies in sin, unforgiven, because they have not trusted in the saving work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Because most atheists—or wannabe atheists—don’t really understand what constitutes an unpardonable sin and probably have no understanding of what standard God will judge them by, I made a little video that starts out like one of their “Challenge” videos, only with an evangelistic twist. To date, my “channel” made especially for this occasion, has received over 7,000 viewings, with nearly 200 mostly angry, nasty comments from atheists who didn’t know they were going to get a Gospel message when they viewed it.

 What a great way to get the word out! One problem: They pulled my video! Who did? Don’t know, they didn’t ask me. As I was writing this, I checked on the video and… POOF! Gone!

No problem. On this two year anniversary of “The Blasphemy Challenge 666” video, I decided to post it to yet another YouTube account of mine. And Bam! Fresh new atheists! What a treat! Read some of their reviews below:

Atheist Reviews (typos and all)

killerbandit wrote: Atheist here, sorry but I didn’t ask for anyone to be ritually sacrificed and scape goated retroactively for my sins. I am responsible for my own sins thank you very much. Creating us broken and commanding us to be well? I couldn’t dream up a more despicable idea.

DarkTheAtheist wrote:Your an Atheist, you don’t believe in Zeus, Allah, Baal, Atlas, Bellona, Brahma, Apollo, Dagon, Vishnu, Uzume, Thor, Shu, Shiva, Poseidon, Osiris, Seti, Anubis, Mars, Mithras, Krishna and so on. You don’t believe in any deity other than your deity. I just go one deity further, Proud Atheist! and you need to believe that there are atheists cause your one too.

kazaman712 wrote: I like being contradictary. Therefore I WONT think about what you said, and Ill proclaim my JOY of being a fool. Because in my mind, being called a fool by a foolish book doesnt mean anything anyhow.
MeloDeath31wrote: anyone who sais he has never stolen, lied, commited adultery in his mind, taken the name of god in vain, is a hypocrite. Such people do not exist. pastor steve, I give you the finger.

(Steve’s note: Please consider making your own video and uploading it to YouTube. Copy mine if you’d like. Make sure you call it this: “Re: The Blasphemy Challenge”)



  1. You wrote: “Spirit that condemns someone for eternity; it’s actually a life that is unrepentant toward God, a life that lives for sin, and dies in sin, unforgiven, because they have not trusted in the saving work of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

    The big question is what is written in Tan”kh

    The persons who do their sincerest => ha-Sheim (the Name; the Creator) in His khein (grace) gives them kipur (atonement) – Yekhezeqiel 18 (hellenized to Hezekiel; and more). Yirmeyahu 31 dictates that the berit (covenant) will ALWAYS be kept (that is there will always be geirim or yehudim (Jews) that keeps the berit). Ha-Sheim – the Creator cannot lie!

    The central tenet of Judaism is expressed in the Shema where Torah states that one is required to do his or her sincerest to keep the mitzwot (commandments) in Torah (which includes Halakhah as defined by the beit din (Jewish Court; in an unbroken chain since Mosheh (Moses) in the legitimate Jewish community of Israel) and that only those who DO (not merely believe) this qualify for kipur [atonement] and resulting portion in olam ha-ba (the non-dimensional realm; “heaven”). The NT is a post-135 C.E. Roman-Hellenist displacement counterfeit–and faith in a counterfeit Christ cannot provide “salvation.” The person who reads Yekhezeqiel 18 will see that it can not!

    The mitzwot (commandments) in Torah are for example: To keep Shabat; to not eat pig, etcetera.

    For words you don’t understand; see ; Glossaries

    The Torah IS the expression–and THE expression taught by Ribi Yehoshua from Natzrat (hellenized to Nazareth) ( the first century pro-Torah Messiah)–of how to treat both the Almighty and one’s neighbor with love.

    It is not an assumption that Ribi Yehoshua was a Ribi. He is called ‘Ribi Yeshua’ on the Talpiot Tomb to name one thing. See ; “History Museum” (left menu); “Mashiakh”-section (top menu); Talpiot Tomb.

    Those we know from Dead SeaScroll 4QMMT that it is impossible he would have taught anything anti-Torah; and this implies that The Netzarim Hebrew Matityahu (NHM) 5:17-20 has been redacted. Here follows the reconstruction.

    Ribi Yehoshua taught:

    “Don’t think that I came to uproot the Torah or the Neviim [prophets], but rather I came to reconcile them with the Oral Law of emet (truth). Should the heavens and ha-aretz (the land, particularly referring to Israel) exchange places, still, not even one ‘ (yod) nor one ` (qeren) of the Oral Law of Mosheh shall so much as exchange places; until it shall become that it is all being fully ratified and performed non-selectively. For whoever deletes one Oral Law from the Torah, or shall teach others such, by those in the Realm of the heavens he shall be called “deleted.” Both he who preserves and he who teaches them shall be called Ribi in the Realm of the heavens. For I tell you that unless your Tzedaqah (righteousness) is over and above that of the Sophrim and of the [probably ‘Herodian’] Rabbinic-Perushim (corrupted to “Pharisees”), there is no way you will enter into the Realm of the heavens! “
    The Netzarim Reconstruction of Hebrew Matityahu (NHM) 5:17-20

    It is clear that persons who wants to follow Ribi Yehoshua must redirect their lifes to fit to his Torah-teachings. Learn more here:

    Finding the historical Jew, who was a Pharisee Ribi and following him brings you into Torah, which gives you a rich and meaningful life here on earth and great rewards in life after death (“heaven”)!

    From Anders Branderud
    Geir Toshav, Netzarim ( in Ra’anana in Israel who are followers of Ribi Yehoshua – Messiah – in [meta-]Orthodox Judaism

  2. Thank you Anders, but Jesus did indeed say: Unless you repent, you too, will perish. Why did he say that?

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