The Atheists Hate My Video!


Here are comments from real live atheists who didn’t care for my YouTube video: “The Blasphemy Challenge Guerrilla Action.” It might be a good idea to pray for these people… You can see the video here if you missed it! And make sure you check out the lively comments; we have over 60 comments now.

cjunk351 said:
“lol. very clever video. I am still atheist though. Not convinced with the message. But well done. Much better lighting in your video than most others also.”

AltaMirage said:
“You are very assured. Apparently you have knowledge- certainty indeed, of the fundamental nature of the universe. Apart from the overwhelming evidence against the believability of the particular myths you are convinced by, you are committing a mortal sin- The sin of PRIDE. It oozes from every word in this video. Think about that, and about your self-satisfaction also.”

And this is my favorite. At the YouTube site you can rate videos from 1 to 5 stars. This atheist made a mistake by rating it before she got to the end.
xXJADEXx7 said:
“oops! Anyone else rate it 5 stars before they got to the end also? I would have put 1 star. lol. And I’m loving this new thing where these nitwits say atheists don’t exist. Well real Christians don’t exist. They pick and choose what to believe from their holy book.”


Chris said:

“Wow Steve, I can really see the desperation and passion in your eyes during this video. It appears my friends at the Rational Response Squad have really gotten to you. One statement you made I find very fascinating, you said that ‘I deny that there are really any atheists’. Well my friend, I’m afraid that you and all your Christian brothers and sisters are atheists as well. You dismiss a belief in Zeus, Apollo, Thor, Baal, Aphrodite, and all the other gods that have been thought to exist over the last few thousand years.
We are all atheists Steve, some of us just go one god further.

Doogie Talons (from the U.K.) said:

“We must disagree to the core on this one Steve, there is no god the god Myth must stop. You either believe the Bible is the word of god or you don’t.

If you do then you have as the basis of your morals one of the most primative horrible sexist racist books ever written. It’s a truly terrible work. Not only that it only repeats myths from upto 15,000 years previous. It’s highlyinaccurate relating to world population and scientifically its null and void. it advocates killing people who work sundays and selling your daughters to slavery and giving up your daughters to gang rape to protect angels. Incest with your father to get pregnant and torture. not to mention genocide of all non jews. Or you don’t … in which case then it’s simply not true.

As an Atheist I look up to the sky and see wonder, I love art music and culture both secular and religous and I love my family and friends. BUT I need no god to fill in the gaps. I am alive, the world is here and it’s just great. When I die I hope I leave the world a better place for being on it than not, and I know not many people who hate, gays and other religions will do the same.”

And this is also from Doogie:

“You crazy religous types, still hanging on to the bible. Honestly now just grow up and accept facts. Pure simple clean facts. You have been mislead all your lives. The bible is a myth, the stories in it are nothing new and have centred around Krishna, Buddha and The Dali Llama. For centuries before and after Christ. Every story in the bible is a retelling of a previous Myth.

So just drop it, drop it now as the corrupt work of stupid men that it is, it frankly makes you look a bit nutty.

The Jesus story makes no sense at all and to be honest, if it is the work of god it bloody well should. Forget faith or belief it just don’t make sense. If its a virtue to dumbly follow a leader regardless of the stupidity behind it then count me out.

Forgiveness needs no dressing, If my son does something wrong to offend me I don’t have another son and sacrifice his life to teach the first a lesson. I just forgive!!! Does that make me better than god, A more reasonable man, a more understanding entity ? And if it is God’s will that Jesus be a sacrifice then the idea of sacrifice is stupid as it was gods will therefore not a sacrifice at all.

The power of god actually negates the crucifixion, it’s actually a farce, it’s plot hole the thickest director in Hollywood would not leave it.

I deny the holy spirit, I deny Jesus, God, Allah, Buddah, Krishna, Thor Odin and Mithras I deny them all as truth. They are stories and it’s about time mankind grew up a bit and got on with life. Man will always do good and evil but to make a good man do evil takes religion.”


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