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“If then, you will be damned, let me have this one thing as a consolation for your misery…
null … that you are not damned for lack of calling after; you are not lost for the lack of weeping after, and not lost for the lack of praying after.”

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  1. This comments has been moved to “What’s Your E-vangie Tale?” #2, three posts below.

  2. I cannot view your video because I only have an old PC and the memory is not enough for that. And I have dial-up internet connection on top of that. For me and all others with older PCs, can you post a transcript or at least an explanation of what the Blasphemy challenge is all about, and what strategy you use to present the Gospel to Atheists on the video?

  3. It would be too time consuming to write it all out. May I suggest that you go to a friend’s house or the library? Go to the Living Waters ( website and click on the newsletter link; you can access my site from there. Thanks for your understanding…

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