What is Your E-vangie Tale? #2


Did someone stone you when you tried to share your faith? Were you laughed to scorn after handing out a Gospel tract? Was there a question some mean old atheist asked you that caused you great embarassment and shame?
null Or… did you find that evangelizing the lost wasn’t so hard after all, in fact, it was kind of… exciting, maybe?

Now’s the time to tell your story of witnessing in a free country where at most, someone will say “No, thank-you,” when refusing your Million dollar bill Gospel tract.


  1. This is from Joy Stevens:

    This on is a “Third Person” story

    As I got off the bus, with two other ladies, I asked if they had gotten their million dollar bill and explained “it has the answer to the million dollar question.” One lady asked “what’s the question?”, so I asked it. The other lady immediatley spoke up and said, “we have a very close, PERSONAL relationship with God and are not interested!!!! I said I was glad to hear that and “God Bless” and continured on my way to the connecting bus stop.

    I was pleased to see a man waiting at that bus stop and gave him a million dollar bill. After reading the (highlighted) message he asked if I attend Hope Chapel. I said I did and asked if he did also. He mentioned he attends 2 churches. We contiued to discusss our churches and I said I was taking an evangelizing class and started to tell him about Ray Comfort’s method using The Law.

    Meanwhile, the 2 ladies had walked up and were also waiting for the bus. The one who had seemed offended by my question said to her friend, “that was a highly inappropriate time to ask that question-’when you die will you go to Heven or hell?’” But, rather than try to reengage them in a conversation, I just continued telling the man about how The Law is used to humble sinners, so that they are then ready and anxious to accept Jesus as their Saviour in order to escape the wrath of God on Judgement Day.

  2. The H.O.P. was a great experience for my daughters and I. The Lord empowered me to ask the Million-dollar question of a gentleman on the beach. It took me back a bit when he answered me with “yeah, I’m going to hell because I’ve done a lot of bad things!” During the course of my conversation with him, there were a few interruptions; I was able to go through the bad news and good news. I did not push conversion; since he changed the subject a few times I wasn’t confident that he was serious. I didn’t feel that I should give up just yet so I started over. He listened, and was concerned about the prospect of going to hell. He changed the subject again. I showed courtesy by listing to him and encouraged him that we all sin and have ended up in difficult situations but that God is a God of second chances, but that we must repent. I invited him to Hope Chapel and to read the back of the Million-dollar bill. He thanked me, told me his name, and asked me to pray for him. I’ll have to admit this wasn’t as painful as handing out my first Million-dollar bill. I know it’s because of the encouragement I’ve received from the class and doing the homework. I had peace knowing that in spite of my fumbling the Holy Spirit is at work – and that I had done my part!

  3. At the Native American Pow Wow I got to deliver the entire message to a lonely-looking young adult male who was sitting alone. I gently approached him and asked if he had received a million dollar bill, and then I went in to, “do you think you’re a good person”, and he quickly said no and shook his head sadly. Then I asked why and he said because of all the bad things he had done. I gently led into the questions of lying, stealing, using God’s name improperly, etc., and he admitted to all of them. He admitted he would be guilty on Judgement Day and that it concerned him. I told him the good news and asked if he had ever thought about repenting and turning to Jesus and he said that he had. I then asked if he was ready to do so now and he smiled and said not yet. I told him how serious this decision was and that it was the most important one in life he would ever make. I kindly encouraged him to think seriously about what I said when he goes to bed tonight and I have him the million and blessed him. Then after I left and told the evangie team, I cried. Wow. What a ride. The thought that God can use measley old us is, well, there are no words.

  4. I was greatly encouraged after getting prayer in the prayer room at Hope Friday night. The Pow Wow was a great opportunity to put that encouragement into action. Thank you to all who went out and engaged the lost by handing out MDB’s and by entering into conversations and by praying for those that were so encaged and by the encouragement that everyone was ready to give to one another. I’m confident that there were several moccsins filled with seeds that will become branches welling up to enteral life. God Bless the workers of your harvest field.

  5. Today at the pow wow, one of the people I gave the good person test to, caught me off gaurd. When I came to the question and asked the guy, “have you ever looked at a woman with lust?” the guy said, “no”, then I remembered what Ray Comfort says sometimes to that, and I said, “are you homosexual?” and the guy said, “yes” and gave me weird eye’s. It freaked me out and caught me off gaurd, because I didn’t expect that. I lost my footing a second; then I said, “well, then you are an adulterer… I mean a homosexual adulterer, which is still an adulterer at heart.” What I am learning is that there is an education in people skills when you use the Law in witnessing that is so refreshing when you actually deliver the good news. It takes time to develop these skills, but it is so rewarding to see the sinner actually GET THE PICTURE EVERY TIME! I thank God every night for you Steve for your example of faith working with the Spirit. You are very focussed in your people skills in evangelism, and it is such a blessing to see the gift in operation.

  6. On the way out of the grocery store, I passed by a man who greeted me and asked for a donation to Green Peace. I sort of had an idea what this was about, but still asked him for some info. After he gave me a briefing, I thanked him and left.
    As I began to put the groceries in the car, I heard, “Go give him the million dollar bill.” Now, mind you, I am one of these weirdos who always returns the car to its stall, in front of the market entrance. And of course, on the back I told the guy, “Thanks a million for the info and here’s my donation.” And like everyone else, he laughed.
    Okay, now there was common grounds (no pun intended) here for som conversation as we both loved and admired God’s creation. And that was my “in” so to speak. He shared with me how in the name of “science” that animals are being destroyed in the labs as “experimental” purposes for all of mankind, which a lot of people already know. I then shared with him how it all began when Adam and Eve were disobedient to God in the garden and since then, man has continued destroying God’s beautiful creations, including animals. Anyways, you get my drift.
    It was then that I brought in the million dollar bill and the 10, and how far man has wandered from them. He looked at me with such an expression, especially when I said you can only imagine how God must feel! I then had his attention and wa able to tell him that he needed to read the back of the bill and that God had to be smiling with pleasure at what their Green Peace foundation was trying to do.
    He thanked me for the bill and said he would definately read it, then I left. As I drove off, I glanced over and sure enough, he was reading it! And of course, I prayed that it would reach his heart. You know what? I’m sure it did.

    Here’s another one.

    On my walk up Main Street, El Segundo, a man heading toward me crossed diagonally and over onto the grass and into the park, toward a tree. As we passed by, I heard, “Go back and give him the bill.” So, I made a turnabout and walked across the grass to meet up with him. As I approached, I said, “Isn’t this a great place?” or something like that. Actually, I was thinking that he was probably thinking that I was a kook or something, just randomly coming at him from nowhere! So he answers and says, “Yeh, I’m waiting for the bus and figured I may as well wait here under this tree.” So I handed him the million dollar bill and said, “Here, you can read this while you’re waiting.” And of course, the natural reaction, he laughed.
    Then I heard, “Don’t stop!” So I didn’t. How do you argue with the Holy Spirit at this point? After a little chit chat regarding the bill, I finally asked him the question, should you die today, will you go to heaven or hell? He said that was a good question and he didn’t know, hopefully heaven. Next I told him to read the back and have a talk with God when he went to bed that night. And guess what? He looked so sincere and said that he would.
    I walked away about two or three feet above the ground, out of absolute joy! And, of course, a prayer for him Isn’t God fun?

  7. I was at Mcdonalds and while paying I took out a Million $ bill and placed it on the counter. A man next to me said “wow! what are you paying with?” I gladly handed him and his kids one and said ” a million $’s – here have one!” The whole family was very happy!

  8. Second time open air preaching on a (undisclosed) Mega Church’s Temporary Skate park. Just got up and immediately drew some curious kids. There were four of them, I went through the good person test with one of them and the rest got angry.

    One of them, particularly convicted, decided upon a strange way to fight conviction of sin.

    He mooned me and ran away.

    Needless to say, I was stunned for a minute.

    Later, after other persecutions, I talked to a security guard about the situations.

    “It’s absolutely crazy, these kids skate, get fed, and go home without any gospel message.”

    “Yeah, it seems like the church doesn’t know what to do.”

    “They’re going to hell with a hot dog in their hand and a Christian Concert promo in the other.”

    Other interesting encounter…

    I went up to a group of teenagers at the same skate park. They didn’t want to hear what I had to say. One, in particular, called me gay and was getting more angry by the second.

    Note: Whenever, they get angry, they are getting convicted.

    After a minute he was just becoming irate, so I stopped talking, he started cussing. I didn’t know what to do, he looked like he was about ready to slug me.

    I just closed my eyes, bowed my head, and started praying.

    After I finished praying, he looked at me wondering what I’d just done

    “If you want to hear more about what I have to say, come see me later, I’ll be here for a while.”

    Then I just walked away.

    Not two minutes later at the hot dog stand, he walked up to me.

    He wasn’t angry anymore, but concerned about his eternity. I gave him the gospel and gave him a tract.

    And he left, I never saw him again.

    Lesson Learned: Don’t be afraid to walk away, if someone doesn’t want to hear what you have to say, then just say, “You have a choice, if you want to hear what I have to say come up to me later, if you don’t want to hear what I have to say, then don’t come to me.”


    “The apostles left the Sanhedrin, rejoicing because they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name.” Acts 5:41

  10. This is from Ric Roberts:

    I walked up to the Head Ref at a recent robotics competition. I slipped
    him a $1M bill and said “There is more where this came from if you let Hope Chapel win.” He smiled and slipped it in his pocket. One more tract that someone will read.

  11. As my daughters, Celina and Makayla, and I began our weekly trek around Jordan High School and Houghton Park to hand out Million-dollar bills, I prayed that the Holy Spirit would give me boldness so that I would take the opportunity to ask the Million-dollar question. My prayer was soon answered when I approached 2 gentlemen talking together. I gave both men a Million and asked if I could ask them the Million-dollar question. One replied yes so I proceeded through the bad news, not once, not twice, but three times and even using the courtroom verdict scenario. I wasn’t forceful but only kept trying to get him to acknowledge his guilt. He had already admitted his sin but felt God would overlook that based on his goodness and also that he knew that no one could keep the 10 commandments. I didn’t want to give up, but he finally said “I know what answer you’re looking for but I don’t agree with you”, his friend said “I need to go” and they both left. I walked away thankful that I had done my part and explained to my daughters that it is up to the Holy Spirit to bring about repentance. I noticed though that during our conversation all my fear left and I was filled with confidence – I truly felt bold!

  12. Walking through the park I noticed a man at the playground with his 2 small children. I approached him, gave him a Million and asked him the Million-dollar question. Without hesitation he answered, with sincere honesty, that he would go to hell because of all the bad things he’d done. He listened and answered the rest of my questions. I was able to give him the good news, because he seemed sincere and was concerned about going to hell I thought I might be able to close having him repent and accept Christ as his Savior. Instead he said that he had a lot to do to get right with the Lord, it seemed like he thought there was more he needed to do first. I pleaded with him that “today is the day of salvation”. We were interrupted by another person who he continued in conversation with (darn that Satan). I waited awhile hoping for another opportunity to plead with him but it didn’t happen. I told him to read the back of the Million-dollar bill, encouraged him to find a Bible teaching Church and was on my way. I end my day with a heavy heart and the lost look in his eyes trapped in my mind. I’m reminded about Jesus, that He went, saw, and had compassion (Matthew 9:35-36). Compassion is often painful, but I’m thankful that I’m experiencing it. I am so looking forward to the day when I can close with a true conversion!

  13. At the pow wow I handed a milllion dollar bill to the wife of a couple and and asked the million dollar question. She replied she was going to hell. I asked if that concerned her, she said not at all. Needless to say that statement shook me up! She handed back the bill. I asked the husband if it concerned him that his wife was fine with going to hell. He did not reply, only shook his head stiff lipped. The wife replied he was going to heaven and again said that she was going to hell.

  14. In handing out tracks, I have the approach to first try have some type of conversation with someone in 10 seconds. Smiling, a simple “hello”, “how are you doing today?” helps to break the ice. For me, I think that’s why, like the young lady in class, I seem to go through fast food “drive-thrus” ‘cause this approach can all be accomplished while paying for the food.

    The other day, my friend and also fellow Hope Chapel member, Renee, were driving to get lunch. However, this time, we were not going to go to a drive-thru. So, we were thinking of how we could hand out a million dollar bill that day, and how to ask the million dollar question. Renee had a “brilliant” idea. As I was driving down Crenshaw, she proceeded to hand out a million dollar track to a man in a truck in the lane beside us, while our vehicles were in still in motion! Renee was successful in handing the track to the man in the moving truck. (I do not recommend this “moving vehicle” methodology!)

    After this adventure, we safely arrived at Quisnos. We still pondered how we could share a track with someone there. I was paying for my salad and the young gal at the counter seemed really friendly. As I handed her my money, she dropped it, and apologized. I said it was okay, and made a little joke about it. We both chuckled. As she provided me my change, I exchanged it with a million dollar bill! “This is for you. It’s a million dollar bill, and it has a question on the back: If you were to die today would you go to heaven?” She seemed a little surprised by my question but was smiling the whole time. I proceeded to give her the track, showed her the question, and said she could take the test. She was still smiling, and then said, “Thanks. I’m going to go put this in my purse. Thanks again!” It was a great lunch!

  15. I too have been persecuted for handing out a Million Dollar Bill! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! Now that I have your attention, this is my evangi-tale. I have been on 3 excursions with Steve to hand out Million Dollar Bills and the most heinious persecution that I revcieved has been, (are your ready for this, are you sitting down, are really sure that you want to read further, turn away before it too late;-) NO THANK YOU! That’s it, that is the worst thing that anyone has ever said to me. But on a more serious note, the most frightening thing that someone has said to me, (after I asked them the million dollar question) was, I will deal with Hell when I get there. Ooooohhh, you sure will but I’m afraid at that time, it will be too late for that person. People are going to Hell all around us. And what has God called you to do? Simply open your mouth and ask, “Have you gotten one of these?” and then follow the script, and let the Holy Spirit do it’s work.

    Mark H

  16. I was in Borders a couple of weeks ago, and when I went to the register I saw a $5 bill on the ground in front of the counter. I immediately picked it up and asked the cashier if he knew who it might belong to. He said, “It must be that man in the blue shirt,” and he pointed toward the door where a man was in the parking lot walking towards the door. I immediately raced after him and caught him just as he was started to pull out. I motioned for him to roll down his window and asked him if the $5 I had in my hand might be his. I could see a wad of lose bills in his shirt pocket, so most likely I had the right man. As I gave him his $5 I also gave him a million dollar bill. I apologized that he wouldn’t be able to spend the million in Borders, but told him that it has the million dollar question on the back. He thanked me for returning his money, and for the million dollars.

  17. This is from Karen Kalena Zindric:

    My third week in the workshop and I has passed out 3
    $$$ person to person but 30plus$$ at a public event.
    There are things that God is working with me that I have
    to overcome before I can do this person to
    person(stranger) thing. After listening to True and False
    Conversions I realized why I fell away from the Lord several
    times during the past 40 some years of my life. It’s
    like the Seat Belt Law. I always wanted to wear my seat
    belt because I knew it would keep me safe but my
    friends would laugh at me and say “What, are you afraid you
    are going to die!”. Once it was made mandatory by law
    I was able to confidently put them on and tell
    them,”It’s the law, you’ll get a fine if you don’t have them
    on.” Irrefutably knowing if you break the Ten
    commandments you will go to hell makes it a fact that you must
    heed. If you try to keep the ten commandments and
    accept Jesus as your Saviour and give your life to God you
    will not go to Hell. This clear cut sharp sword it
    what man needs t
    o stand against worldly influences.

  18. After handing a MDB to a woman and asking where she thought she would go, her response was “to Heaven because Jesus loves me.” I asked if I could ask her a few questions to make sure. After admitting to lying, she said, with a defensive tone, “have YOU ever lied? EVERYONE lies!” I said I had and continued with “have you ever stolen anything?” She said she hadn’t and didn’t catch the joke about “well, you just told me you’ve LIED…”

    I continued with the questions, and got as far as “all liars will have their place in the lake of fire”, when she abruptly said, “no offense intended, but I was taught that you NEVER talk about religion and politics!” I thanked her for listening and, as she headed off quickly, I said, “I was taught that you should ALWAYS DRAG someone BACK from the “lake of fire.”

  19. I had to go to DMV to renew my liscense. The place was full, and had long lines. I thought, I’ve been praying for boldness. This is a good time and place to practice some public speaking. I passed out million dollar tracts to each person there, then started talking loudly to everyone. I said that if everyone is honest with themselves, they will have to admit that they have not kept God’s commandments. I told them the information on the back of the bill is far more important than the face value of it. I said that Jesus will come back, and destroy all sinners who have not repented of their sins, and obey Him. I told them, no one is promised tomorrow, and if they die without having repented, they will wind up in hell. One lady in line was nodding her head in agreement. I told them the sooner they repent, and start doing the instructions on the back of the bill, the better off they wiil be. No one gave me any flack, so that was encouraging.

  20. This comment hasd been moved to “What’s Your E-vangie Tale #24”.

  21. so today started out as a good day. It was a clear and there was a small breeze. So i walked to the teen center and i hung out with friends and just had a fun time and it was tuesday so there was youth group at night.

    So as it became later in the day my friends kelsey and bray came and we hung out till about 6:30ish. So they said they had to go so i walked them out to the bus stop and we saw like 4 people there and i had relized i had 5 million dollar bills in my wallet.

    So i when i showed them to kelsey she said lets talk to the people and so we did and we got 2 gentlemen to say they would come to church and accept jesus christ as thier saviour. I was all excited and stuff and so kelsey, bray and me were talking going to the beach and preaching there when all of a sudden a hear a guy about in his 30s or 40s say something and i said excuse me sir? and he started saying im a maggot and started threatning me just for preaching the gospel to the 2 gentlemen.

    I was first shocked so i was just standing there listening to this guy curse at me and saying he was going to call the cops on me for exployting bray and kelsey with my bologne(he used a bad word though which i cant say) and he was refering to the envagelisim we did and i got a little mad but i didnt do anything.

    after like 5 minutes he started yelling at me and so kelsey started yelling at him saying mike isnt a bad person and stuff and bray said lets go so as kelsey and bray were leaving i kinda slowed down just to hear this guy screaming at me and iwas going to see if he was going to hurt bray or kelsey but he didnt. So half way down the parking lot to the teen center he screams HEY and so i turn around and he says you better watch your back. so i just turn around and walk in. But kelsey and bray still had to go home but thier bus left so i walked them down to the next bus and i said bye and i went back and enjoyed the youth service.

    So basically this man who i didnt even talk to started yelling at me and threatning me to almost hitting me..just for preaching the gospel….but im not stoping this encounter makes me want to preach it more and try to help people find they dont end up like that guy.

    well that was my ev tale for tuesday feb. 26

  22. Today I handed a million dollar bill to a man looking for empty cans and bottles in the trash bins outside our apartment building.

    I originally had no intent of giving him the tract but just commented on how you can get good money by turning in alot of cans and bottles, which he just responded to with a nod.

    Then I thought, “This is the first day of the rest of my evangelizing life.”
    Having started Steve’s class last night and encouraged to pass out a million dollar tract a day, I knew this was a great opportunity.

    I asked him if he had “gotten one of these?” to which he responded that he’d seen them around. He took it from me. I asked him, ” Do you know Jesus loves you?” he nodded his head as he put empty cans and bottle from the trash in a big trash bag. I then said, “THE RICHES JESUS PROMISES IN HEAVEN FAR EXCEED ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY WE CAN FIND ON EARTH. GOD BLESS YOU!” …. and I walked away.

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