The Atheists’ 10 Commandments


This three and a half minute video fully expresses the philosophy of “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die…”

Read some of these hypocrites in action. Or maybe they aren’t hypocrites at all, but are fully discharging their thoughts in proportion to their faith. Click to read these hateful comments directed at me here and here!


  1. If no one should be telling me how to live my life, then atheists cannot make Ten Commandments! Oh, the hypocrisy!!

  2. I haven’t read their comments, but assuming they are contradicting these “commandments,” they are only hypocrites if they subscribe to them. Unlike Christians, atheists do not have to subscribe to any set of beliefs, including those portrayed in this video that was created by a single atheist.

    It’s easy to call out Christians for being hypocrites when they violate the 10 commandments, because they all believe in the same commandments. But the only set of beliefs that Atheists share is that the probability of the existence of a personal god is so infitessimally small as to be considered impossible. Beyond that, no one can speak for all atheists.

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