What is Your E-vangie Tale? #14


During this 10 Commandments week, I’ve been posting all sorts of different things to show that using the Law in evangelizing is the most effective way to unlock the heart of a sinner. If you’ve been sharing your faith in this way—either verbally, or by using Gospel tracts (especially the Million-Dollar bill with this message on the back), then tell everyone about it here.


  1. This is from Alan Kisaka:

    Today I visited my local 7 Eleven again..

    There was an elderly gentleman that I targeted (business was slow at the time) I waited for the right moment…as he was about to leave I gestured to him….Did you get one of these? He took the MDB and proceeded to read it.

    I asked him the MDB question and then started in on WDJD ..

    By the third one he turned and said He had to go to work and zoomed out of the door..

    I wonder if his conscience was being provoked..


  2. This is from Brigitte S.:

    Brigitte Says:
    May 30th, 2007 at 1:17 pm e

    It’s tempting to use slang/verbiage related to the ocean/surfing and so…

    To drown in an ocean of hells fire is not going to be okay today was the feeling for the day. I will get up on the ’surfboard of life’ and balance and stand tall and sure as the waves from the people try to knock me down and drown my voice out they will not.

    A group of 4 “weekend soccer/surf dudes” were a rip curl to tame and the effort to ride this out was not easy. Dude #1 (I call him Heavy Surf)listened to the message beginning to be delivered while Dude #2 (I call him Rude Soccer Bling Dude) Dude #3 (Tides Out) Dude #4 (Wipe Out). Heavy Surf could not get rid of me and the Rude Soccer Bling Dude made sure that his cell phone call was interruptive almost to a breaking point and I prayed hard so that he would STOP talking, Tides Out was just that neither here nor there, Wipe Out was just not caring.
    Why did I mention this particular group, because I know from having evangelized for about a year more or less that this scenario can be manageable just as long as you focus on one in the group that is listening and let the others just be. Just the possibility to catch one fish is better than zero. But hey ‘they do have the million dollar track with an important message that may change the waves they ride for the rest of their lives’; suddenly and as the gust of wind blew hard thru the alley way taking Wipe Outs million dollar bill out of his fingers it was nice to see him chasing it down and retrieving it. “…not a total ‘wipe out’ after all.”

    God Bless “the Waves we make”

    Brigitte S.

  3. This is from Cindy Livingston:

    I met my mom at a wedding in St. Louis. They were Catholic family members to my step-dad who passed away five years ago. Late the night of the reception, I was out on a veranda with my nephew and many others who were drinking and smoking. My nephew talked about getting
    his Phd. in Biology and what he will study. Somehow he brought up beliefs
    and so I had to ask him what he believed. And of course he said he was
    raised Catholic but was not sure what he believed and he felt all would go to heaven but he was not even sure if there is a heaven. I was just COMPELLED to give him a million dollar bill. I went back to my table and grabbed the bunch of million dollar bills that I had in my purse. I decided I
    could not just give one to him but should make sure all the family members got one. Only God knows who is a believer and who isn’t, and I loved them all enough to want to give one to everyone.

    My niece was there so I asked her the million dollar question. She said she would go to heaven because she is a good person (of course). I
    asked her if I could test her on that, and she said, “Absolutely NOT!”. So
    that was the end of that – I did not push it and we discussed other

    The next day she told her Dad that I told her she was going to hell. I am
    sure it was her conscience convicting her because I
    never said that. He told my Mom that and she apologized. She then went on to tell the rest of my family – my children – (gossip) how I had spolied
    the wedding and told her she was going to hell.

    Last weekend I explained what really happened to my Mom and her final
    statement to me was that it “was inappropriate”. I disagreed of course.

    On Sunday I recalled how our senior pastor Zac carried million dollar
    bills to a Hindu wedding and gave me some to give to the Muslim ladies
    sitting by me at the reception table. I was encouraged by the Lord with
    that memory.

    I still pray that they all read the million dollar bill and at least hear
    the gospel. I will never forget how you, Steve, gave the gospel at the wedding in China. It was the right thing to do then and I know I did
    the right thing at the family wedding too. I may never see those people
    again and who knows if they will hear the truth from anyone else.

    Keep up the good work. This weekend, my sister,
    brother-in-law and nephew came out to visit with a Catholic nephew of my
    brother-in-law. At dinner, Sunday night, I asked them if they knew the 10
    commandments. My nephew knew them quite well. (Honoring their father and mother came up as well as the promise attached to it.) Later, I pulled out the 10 Commandments poster and
    we read them together. Thanks for all you do.

  4. Well, well, well, God really did bless us at the Fiesta Hermosa. It seems to me that the Fiesta Hermosa event was organized for us to sow seeds to a lot of folks.

    All of the years folks have been going down to the fire stations and police stations giving out cookies and letters of appreciation resulted in the authorities of H.B. showing us great favor.

    I’m so proud of the people of Hope Chapel. I know everyone who helped at our booth has a wonderful testimony to share…So, hey, come on share it here…

    Here’s just one of many moves of the Holy Spirit that we were involved in. When we got to the booth Monday, we were challenged to open air-preach more than the team of a certain Sheriff and a certain Evangelistic “fervent” Pastor. It seems that they had open-air preached five times to over 400 people while they waited to catch buses along Pier Ave. So, Brother Brad, Brother James (prayer warrior) and I took up the challenge and we open-air preached ten times to over 700 people. May God protect the seeds that were shown from the evil one. In Jesus name we pray.

  5. The leader of our evangelism team Steve Sanchez and I, had a meeting over coffee one afternoon. I wanted to share some of my testimony with him. Little did I realize he had a challenge waiting for me. He said, “on your way to work today [I work graveyard] I want you to stop by the AMC theater where the crowds are lineing up for the new Pirates movie, and pass out tracks to them all, and then do open air preaching to the crowd.” Wow…. I was pinned down with a challenge from a champion evangelist I could not back away from. I told him, “for you I will do it this one time.” I don’t like doing anything before going to work… comfort zone. I went there and sure enough there was a mass of humanity waiting for the movie. I passed out the tracks, then shouted at them all, “Excuse me! May I have your attention please!” Once I had all there attention [alot of people] I gave them the entire good test gospel presentation. It was awsome! Afterward, a couple of christian guys came out of the line and told me they were inspired by my boldness for the Lord. I told them, “If it wasn’t for my pastor I would not even be there.” lol.

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