Tammy Faye, the Angry Vet, and Me


I was carrying a huge box of vegetables at the Farmer’s Market when a man in a wheelchair pulled up alongside. “Did ya hear about Tammy Faye Baker? She died. Did ya see her on Larry King? Those big eyes, skinny—now she’s dead.”
 I’ve had my run-ins with him in the past when handing out my million dollar bill Gospel tracts. He’s always gives me a hard time about my style of evangelism and thinks that what I do is offensive. Since he was a Vietnam veteran, I never argued with him because he was very angry and seemed emotionally disturbed. He apparently hadn’t recognized me and just wanted someone to talk to.

“I told my wife about it,” he continued, explaining the tragedy of Tammy Faye. “She said, ‘God got her for all the people she ripped off.'”

Hmmm. What was his point and why was he telling me? Then I found out.

“You better tell the truth!” he warned. “God is going to get you, too.” He noticed my very heavy box full of leafy produce and added, “You can’t hand out those f—– bills carrying that thing!”

“I already reached my quota,” I assured him.

“Does anybody ever give you s— for that?”

“Lots of people,” I answered smiling. “But the Bible says that I”m blessed.”

He quickly rolled away.

Tammy Faye rolled over… in her grave.

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