Sudden Death: Me!


According to the iPod application iDie, after plugging in my date of birth on Sunday,  September 27, I, Steve Sanchez may expect to be dead at the age of seventy-eight.

64.64% of my life is completed.

I have 10,132 more days left to preach the Gospel.

That is, unless I get hit by a bus, struck by lightning, or get treated by doctors under ObamaCare.


  1. Steve,

    Has anyone laughed to death? I may have come close after reading this post! Too funny.


  2. Look, pal, I love ya and all that fluffy stuff and everything, but man…no offense, but I kinda hope you get hit by a bus or something kinda sooner than later cuz, well, I don’t wanna wait another 10,132 days to get that Hellboy speaker you willed out to me.

    Have a nice day. (Just not too many of ’em!)

  3. I know that sudden death feeling all too well. My birthday is on Oct 1, but I have come to wonder if I will make it as it seems a target has been placed on me.

    Sept 20, Sunday, a truck pulling a trailer made an “unsafe lane change” resulting in my car being sliced by the truck and trailer from bumper to bumper on the right side, lifting the back end of the car to throw my wife and I into a 180 degree spin — mid-air — and over an embankment. We landed midway down the embankment and slid all the way down the hill into a highway merge lane going the wrong way on a one way lane. Fortunately, the cars saw us slide and they avoided us. The car was totaled, we got a few bumps and since I hung on to the wheel, I had some pretty good shoulder/back/neck pain, but we are alive. The police officer who was right in front of us saw the whole thing. He told me he saw me brake and try to miss the guy but there was no where to go. He radioed the accident as a rollover as he saw us in the air, then drop over the embankment out of sight , then a cloud of dirt. He was shocked we didn’t roll. I call it a miracle.

    September 25, 5 days later, a car swerves his car into my lane in front of me and hits the front of my “rental”. Fender bender only, but still, I hit my brakes and he can’t avoid me.

    Last night, September 28, driving down the access road — directly across the highway from the first accident — I am in the far left lane. A guy 2 lanes over seems suspiciously about to make a bad move and yep, he shoots over two lanes of traffic ALMOST into me but I hit the brakes hard and honked. I am in a PT Cruiser (my second rental) and it literally locks and starts throwing me right to left. Fortunately, no one was to my right but if I hadn’t braked so hard, he would have broad-sided me, pushed me into the no-shouldered cement bridge sidewall to my left. My horn locked and took almost a minute to stop honking (that was creepy). I looked ahead and saw the guy move from “my” left lane, back across 2 lanes of traffic to the right, then passing another car shooting over 2 lanes left again to take the merge highway lane and disappearing. What a miracle there was no one to my direct right and only a lot of traffic behind me, but would they have been able to stop in time to keep from hitting me had we collided? It was 55 mph right there.

    Eight days, and easily two possible scenarios that could have been sudden death for me. I joined The Everyday Club a couple of weeks ago. I missed only one day, the day of the first accident. Since then, I have more than met my goal each day. Sudden death for someone unprepared means an eternity in hell. Sudden death for someone who is prepared means — NO MORE OPPORTUNITIES TO SHARE JESUS WITH THE LOST!!

    We only have so many days to live. We have to make the best of each of them.

    Happy Birthday, Steve.

  4. Wow, Dale! I’m glad that you are still around to post your totals for the Everyday Club. You know that God isn’t finished with you you yet because you are still here. Praise God!

  5. Did I miss something?
    What is your idea about Sudden Death?
    Should this be funny or warning to wake up?
    Do you want to scare people to think or what?
    God bless you.

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