Sudden Death: Helicopter!


Frequent contributor and blogwit, Paul LatOur, contributed this from Canada:

A young fellow is out for a walk in small town out west and is struck by a vehicle and killed. The vehicle is not a car; it’s a helicopter that fell out of the sky, which also killed it’s three occupants.

Who would ever even think? You’re out for a peaceful little stroll in a peaceful little town and WHAM! you’re taken out by a helicopter! Sad circumstance, but, boy if that could happen to him it could happen to me. Glad I’m ready no matter what!

Here’s an excerpt:

A friend said that Otieno, 23, a student at the College of the Rockies, was out for a walk and was wearing stereo earbuds, so he might not have heard the falling helicopter.
Read the rest of the story here.

Otieno was hit by the Bell 206 helicopter as it came in low and dragged 10 to 15 metres before being trapped under it when it crashed. Witnesses told CBC News they tried to pull him from the wreckage but efforts to save him failed.

The bodies of the four victims were removed from the scene late Tuesday night. The coroner service supervised the removal and will likely verify the identities by using dental records.

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