Unusual Evangelism Tip: Cellphone Preaching


Here is an unusual evangelism tip that Greg S. suggested, taken from the Adventures in Christianity website.

I was at the airport (where I work) yesterday and I saw a huge group of Japanese tourists, and some Muslims all decked out in their Mohammad outfits. Well, if you go up to them and start sharing Christ they will ask the security to get rid of you quickly, but what I do is just pick up my cell phone and put it up to my ear and let her rip for Jesus!
I can preach to my heart’s content if they think I am talking to someone on my phone; they have never yet complained or even let out a peep of protest. If you want to really cover yourself you could call a buddy and tell them what is going on. Or you could call someone you know who needs the Lord and get two jobs done at once! At any rate, I have really enjoyed cell phone preaching lately… [It’s a great way to avoid security problems when] we can’t preach in these private property venues. With a cell phone in hand, you can preach wherever and whenever you want! Read about another similar tip called “Speak Loud” here!


  1. Love doing stuff like this. It’s so “sly as a serpent, but harmless as a dove-ish”.

  2. Doesn’t this tactic potentially involve deceit?

  3. There is no deceit in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, the deceit you may be thinking of is foolishness. I highly recommend this type of preaching for those who are unresponsive to the million dollar question. Personally I take my bible in my back yard and read aloud for my neighbors who are within 5 feet of my backdoor, the bible says “Love your neighbor as yourself”. I call it “backyard preaching”!

  4. I’m with Amy. It’s pretending there is someone on the other line, who is not there.

    To some folks, it might make you simply another obnoxious cell phone talker who can’t keep the conversation to oneself. Just plain rude.

    It’s different than backyard bible reading — you are actually reading the bible out loud, not fake reading it.

    I’m all for creative means of communicating the gospel, but not with a false pretense of this cell phone trick.

    Just my .02.

    Pastor Chris

  5. This is a great idea!! And I also think that you should have someone on the other line, if nothing else, just to practice with someone else on your evangelism team!!

  6. Brother,
    Praise the Lord. How are you?
    I am Pastor David Livingstone from India.
    I saw ur videos and it was awesome. Ur dedication moves me very much. U r preaching on streets while people are protesting against war. And ur simple way to remind ten commandments. I will share this with my friends and Sunday school children in my church.
    Thank u for u videos. And I sent u an email with subject of Ministry India.Please read it and watch the pictures I sent u. Please mail me back.
    Please come to India and preach the powerful word in India too. and I sent u add request on face book too. please accept it. PLease email me back.

    Let us turn India for Christ,

    God bless u

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