Your Thoughts/MY THOUGHTS: What would you say?


Here is an email from a young man who joins me every Thursday at a local junior college to evangelize. How would you answer his question? My answer is below.

“Today at El Camino College I was handing out million-dollar-bill Gospel tracts when someone from my music class stopped me. He said that I shouldn’t be giving them to people because it makes them feel bad about themselves. My answer was that they probably shouldn’t feel good about themselves, but I realized later that I could have put it much better. How would you respond to this person?”

I told him that he should ask “Have you ever told a lie? Ever stole anything? Then take him through the Law and Gospel. Never waste an opportunity!


  1. I’m not the Judge, I’m just serving the papers.

  2. I think the comment is negative in tone. I honestly would ask the person why he feels the tract makes people feel down on themselves, but that is me. I would want to know why, so I could respond better.

    This comment opens the door for someone to starting asking the questions like have you ever … and then share Christ.

  3. I would have told him this, “God is working in your life and your conscience has been awaken from your recent experiance with Jesus gospel tract, and the Holy Spirit is now teaching you right from wrong”, then I would have given him some versus from the scriptures.

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