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    There’s a certain sub-section of right-wing christianity that seems to focus itself rather heavily on the phenomena of death. It’s so rarely about life for these people (unless it’s the life of a blastocyst, but I digress): everything’s about looking forward to the good afterlife, saving people from the bad afterlife, following the rules of the deity who offers you an eternal afterlife, etc.

    I find it rather morbid. Everything is twisted into terms that mean nothing to the life you’re living. For instance, the above story: the take home message for Steve is either (when directed at others) “you could die tomorrow, so get saved so you don’t go to hell if you do!” or (when directed at himself), “I could die tomorrow, but it’ll be fine because I get to go to heaven!” None of that influences your life in the here and now (aside from a guilty impulse that you ought to be doing more evangelising): it’s all about what comes after the unpleasantness we call death.

    My take home message is rather different: “You could die tomorrow, so live in the here and now.” And by ‘live’ I don’t mean throw everything out the window and go out, get drunk, and see how many deadly sins you can cross off the list (bonus points for all seven!), which is what all you people with your dirty, sinful minds probably assumed I meant. I mean, simply: make the most of every moment. Be happy, and spread happiness all over the place, because everyone likes happiness even if it does make the walls a little sticky. No matter your theology, live should be a message we can all embrace. Jesus did, but then, he embraced a lot of things. Loved his hugs, that guy.

    It’s sad how that section of christianity I mentioned before has embraced Jesus’ teachings on death, but forgotten the way he lived his life.

  2. Most people are surprised the most by their own death. It’s what is done in the here and now that impacts the there and then. The truth is that we are all going to live forever. We will either be alive and well or alive in Hell.

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