Boo! Kid’s Harvest Fun Tract & Cootie Catcher


This is great! Puzzles, games, riddles, jokes, mazes, a scary, creepy website…and a kid-friendly Gospel message—all on a one sheet that you can hand out with candy on Halloween Harvest night!

Redeem the evening with this wonderful tract by Anna “Banana” Jackson, proprietor, along with her husband Dale, of the web store Evangelism Stuff.

Click here to download one and print them off by the hundreds.


And here’s another unique Harvest Tract:
The Cootie Catcher

These days parents are wary of what their kids get in Halloween bags, especially if it’s something Christian. If it’s suspect, like loosely wrapped homemade brownies given by the hippie commune down the street, or a tract with a smiling Jesus, it gets thrown away. But here’s a novel idea: a sanctified version of the Cootie Catcher.

You remember those don’t you? Little boys and girls everywhere would write out their fortunes and whatever came up, that was their future, like having to marry little Billy, the kid with the funny nose, etc. On this evangelistic version every “fortune” that kids (or parents) read gives a very clear—and scary—Gospel presentation.

Here’s the “fortune” under the symbols for “road” and “heart” on the Cootie Catcher:

Did you get road or heart?

The latest data available shows that the 7th leading cause of death in the United States is motor vehicle accidents… in other words, dying on the road in an auto accident. The road symbol is there to remind you that every 12 minutes someone dies in a car accident, and the next time you get in your car you may actually be climbing into your coffin. The heart symbol reminds us that statistically heart failure or disease is the number one cause of death. So why are we talking about death? Because it is the ultimate statistic: 10 out of 10 people die. And the Bible says that after death you will face God’s judgment.

Most people don’t think about it much. They figure that since they live a good life they will probably go to Heaven when they die. The way to find out if that is true is to judge yourself according to God’s standards, the 10 Commandments. Have you ever lied, stolen, or used God’s name in vain? If you have that makes you a “liar,” a “thief” and a “blaphemer.” If you’re guilty you will be condemned to Hell. But God sent Jesus to take your punishment for you. Repent and trust in Christ, and you will be saved.

Click here to get the free download.


  1. Wow.

    Here kids here’s a fun game to play, will it tell you if you’ll live in a mansion, fall in love, or have kids? You know harmless fun stuff for kids to laugh at on the playground. Nope. This one tells you that you’re more likely to die of a heart complication or car accident. Because death is something every grade school kid should be preoccupied with. Come on Steve, if kids aren’t doomed to hell because of their innocence like some scholars put forth then why not let them have fun?

    The great thing about your faith is that you can accept Jesus at anytime, no ceremony, no good or bad works apply, just acceptance of Jesus and obediance to the 10 commandments. But, and stop me if I’m wrong here, even if you break the 10, which everyone is guilty of by default, if you confess to Jesus and accept him you still get to go to Heaven regardless. If this is the case, why not let innocent kids be kids? We’re given only precious few years to have fun and be a kid before we become adults and have to find our way in this world, why tell them that; sorry kid but this is how you’re going to die more than likely and you’ll burn FOREVER if you don’t accept Christ. Not when they’re innocent and free from hell (Unless you believe that innocent children burn in hell because of their ignorance) and could easily give their lives over to Christ once they’re teens or in their 20’s.

    The though of burning forever would terrify most innocent children, who are still irrational in their thoughts and beliefs, why not let them mature and learn more before hitting them with the cold hard facts of death?

  2. What’s up with the weird terminology? It’s Halloween: few people are actually celebrating any kind of harvest.

  3. Me: Since I’ve already left the obligatory “preoccupied with death” comment on the previous post, I’ll let girl-me make a comment here.

    Her: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Oh, that’s precious. Steve, you are one sick-

    Me: *Ahem* You don’t seem to understand the appeal of Halloween, Steve. It’s meant to be scary, yes: but not real-world scary. It’s meant to be fantasy scary: ghost and demon scary. Harry Potter scary. But not “morbid nightmares about car crashes for months” scary.

    Imagine you’re watching a kids cartoon, and Elmer Fudd gets shot in the face with his own gun. You’re expecting his face to be charcoaled and for him to look stunned for a moment, before announcing his intentions to extract vengeance on that mischievous lagomorph. Instead, half his head get’s blown off in an entirely realistic depiction of a point-blank gunshot wound and his bleeding lifeless corpse falls to the ground, followed by Bugs giving a quick talk to the audience about the dangers of playing with guns.

    Will that scare them straight? Maybe, if they’re still watching and haven’t run from the room crying their eyes out. Will it ruin their fun and give them nightmares for months? More than likely. Will it dissuade them from ever watching looney tunes again? Definately.

    You can see the analogy I’m trying to make here, right?

    Let’s try handing the controls over again, maybe she’ll be nicer…

    Her: …HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHaaa… oh man, what a disgusting, horrible death cult you guys are-

    Me: Nevermind.

  4. wow….Unbelievable….would God or Jesus aprove of these scare tactics? It’s as if you guys are using tactics someone like Hitler would think up of. Which many claim could have been the Devil come to earth.
    I don’t know Steve if you have ever witnessed someone die in an accident in front of you…let alone a child, i have. I dont find these sort of methods appropriate at all nor do they seem do i say this….un cult like? I don’t know who’s idea this was but get some taste and don’t share things like this.

  5. No Davy, it’s good news. That’s why it’s scary!


  6. Thanks for posting this- we are already handing out the deathbeth cards but these activity sheets will be a great addition!

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