Secret Service Seizes Millions from Hope Chapel Member!


Jim Thomas, a brand-spankin’ new graduate from my evangelism class, “Sharing Your Faith Without Fear” sent me this panicked email on Tuesday that a Secret Service agent seized his millions. Read the email below:

I was reading in Matthew 6:33 about making the Kingdom
of God your primary concern…so I finally went out
during my lunch break and handed out the gospel tracts
downtown. I had a key location at 7th and Figueroa [in L.A.]
and people were scooping them up easily. Behind me I
heard, “You are going to have a problem with these.”
I turned and there was one of the recipients of the
million dollar bill. Nicely, he repeated himself and
then pulled out his U.S. Secret Service badge. After
discussing the finer points of what is acceptable and
not acceptable regarding the tract, I turned over my
remaining tracts to him.

I contacted Ray Comfort about this because I was a bit concerned; and this is what he wrote me after I said that “hopefully, nothing will come of it.”

“You are kidding. This is wonderful news. The last time this happened we had a huge amount of free publicity and a run on the bills. “

I had to admit that he has a lot more faith than me.

I also contacted the Great News Network, a worldwide network of Biblical evangelists who had their millions seized back in June, and they told me to contact our congregant, Jim, and have him contact their lawyer who is handling the previous “Millions Scandal”.

Jim, the man who was “caught” by the agent, is totally excited about all of this because he just graduated from my evangelism class and is now in the midst of the fray after handing out tracts just a few times.

I talked to our Senior Pastor, Zac to inform him of all of this, and he is overjoyed! His saying is, “When God says to build, Satan will always come to destroy.” In our church of about 2000, we are working on a critical mass of people willing to share their faith biblically… and we’re off to a heck of a start!

Meanwhile, Ray Comfort contacted World Net Daily, a Christian web magazine, and they wrote this article today:

U.S. Secret Service agents, who earlier confiscated Gospel tracts from Christians in Texas and Nevada because they carry a message of salvation and an advisory that they are not legal tender even though they look like a $1 million bill, now have taken the same tracts away from a Los Angeles man.

Jim Thomas, who with his wife Charlene had just finished an evangelism training program at their church, told WND he was handing out the tracts near an escalator at a downtown Los Angeles mall “and everything was going very well.”

Then, he said, a man approached him and told him that “there’s a problem here.” Click here to read the whole article from World Net Daily!


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