NBC “Blasphemy Challenge” Report


The Pope of atheism and evolution, Richard Dawkins, has people video-taping themselves denying the Holy Spirit and blaspheming God; it’s called The Blasphemy Challenge. Here’s a report from NBC.
Does this surprise you? What do you think about these poor people? Tune in next week, and I’ll reveal my strategy to combat these blasphemers!


  1. ugh, i’ve seen this video. Made me sick to my stomach. Hey Steve, I have this Saterday off. Where are we going???

  2. As usual, you Christians have got it wrong again. Richard Dawkins has nothing to do with “the Blasphemy Challenge”, he only posted in on his website in support of the project. Do you research anything?

    I can’t wait to here your “strategy” to combat these blasphemers. Oh and by the way…


    Guess I’m going to hell now……

  3. Actually Chris,
    First off, you aren’t going to Hell now, unless of course you die now… ;>)

    Secondly, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit isn’t just posting a video that blasphemes the Holy Spirit, it’s a total rejection of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins, so in one way, you are right.

    Thirdly, if you’ve broken any of the 10 Commandments, if you’ve ever lied, stolen, blasphemed God etc.–just one time– that’s called sin. For one sin, the penalty is eternity in Hell. You can take your chances and not believe, which is alright with me, y’know free will and all… or you can trust in a Savior who paid the price already.

    Now really Chris, you don’t know everything. Is there a remote possibility that there could be a God? I suppose you’ll know in a few years, hmmmm?

    As for the Richard Dawkins attribution, I’m willing to concede that I”m wrong—again.

  4. Steve, Good response to Chris. I will looking for your plan to combat this. Mike …

  5. Matthew 10:32 “Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven. But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven.”

    Hopefully these hundred and hundreds of people will be saved.

  6. Chris,

    Trying to follow your logic here… Help me out, ok? How can you go to Hell if you don’t believe in the Christian God who created Hell?

    Just to clear up some things from a Theological standpoint:

    God didn’t create Hell for humans (read Matthew 25:41), it was created for the devil and his angels

    Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is attributing the works of God to the devil (in context, it is when the Pharisees say that Jesus is casting out demons by the power of the devil)…

    And you’d have to believe in God and the devil in order to be guilty of this sin (sorry Atheists and the like, you cannot blaspheme against the Holy Spirit, because you don’t even believe that He exists!)

  7. That’s a good one, Doug! I haven’t heard back from Chris on this post… he might be praying about what he wants to say…

  8. What price did Christ pay exactly ? from all accounts he had a good 33 years then 2 bad days.

    People have suffered worse and for longer since and have died “In Sin” People have been buried in the rubble of a destroyed building dieing slowly of starvation and dehydration, worrying about thier families and friends.

    I give this to you. Jesus suffered very little in comparision to the multitude of horrible ways man has died since, and hence saved us from nothing.

    Not only did he not suffer he WAS/IS always will be GOD the Son and will never be in hell.

    If Jesus suffered for our sins surley he should be in hellfire burnng for all eternity in our name ? But no he’s up in heaven and by all christian accounts this is a nice place to be.

    So to sum up

    Eternity in heaven
    Make the world
    See man screw it up
    Send a part of himself down there to sort it out
    33 Years on earth
    2 horrible days
    2006 Years back in heaven.

    A completly failed mission in all respects. We are now left with Meth taking evangelicals and child bothering priests its a joke and the laughs on Jesus.

    I can think of a whole lot worse ways to die than a good beating, flaying and crucifiction and the Christians were hand drawing and quartering Pagans all through the dark ages.

    I deny Jesus Christ and The Father and the Spirit of God.

    God does not exist and the bible is a bronze age myth.

    Good Day.

  9. Pastor Doug Says:
    ‘in context, it is when the Pharisees say that Jesus is casting out demons by the power of the devil’

    hello pastor doug,

    would you consider yourself as righteous as the Pharisees

    god bless


  10. James,

    After watching the video you linked, I can see where you are going with this…

    “Unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees… you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven…” (paraphrase)

    In the context of this Scripture (Matthew 5:19, 20) Jesus is actually saying that NO ONE can get into heaven on their own merit, not even the Pharisees! (notice Jesus says SURPASSES)

    If you are asking me if I have kept the law the way the Pharisees did, then no… but I suggest that you read the book of Galatians before you pursue this line of argument…

    Also, in the video where it is talking about Jesus and the Rich Young ruler (Matthew 19), the arguments here are also out of context…

    For example: in this specific case, Jesus is telling the Rich Young Ruler and ONLY the Rich young ruler what HE must do… (not everyone who is reading the Bible: CONTEXT).

    It’s also important to note that Jesus only listed 5 out of the 10 commandments (social/people related) and did not address the other 5 that had to do with our relationship with God, because Jesus knew 2 things: 1) that this man had not kept the other 5, money was his idol and 2) that this man would not repent and do what he was asked.

    The come and follow Me part is actually the more important of the two commands that he gave the Rich Young ruler.

    I would suggest that you actually study the Bible in its original languages (Greek for the New Testament, since most of the quotes are from Jesus) before you (or whoever did the videos) starts pulling stuff completely out of context and trying to take everything LITERALLY, instead of understanding where some of the quotes are allegory, some speaking about spiritual things and not literal, some metaphors, etc. You must also understand the language of the Bible (for example there are three meanings for the word “flesh”, 3 types of “heavens”, etc.)

    Of course the Bible already tells us that:

    But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised. (1st Corinthians 2:14)…

    If you are not a Christian and do not have the Spirit of God, then you will not be able to understand spiritual things, such as Scripture (read: the Bible) unless you are getting revelation from the Spirit of God

  11. Absolutely Brilliant Doug…Chris, Doogie and James, hmmm…here’s the reality. The theory’s you hold so dear will never become Law. You can prove someone as a liar, or a thief or a Murderer, and the law condemns you, not the Christian…hopefully you understand that. You know when you’ve lied, you know when you’ve stolen, you know when you have committed murder…does the Christian stand there and say gotcha. No, but your conscience tells you, so you know. You also know if you get caught you will be held accountable. Good luck trying to be innocent to men because someone said join our gang, we hate the law. You’re intelligent…you know you stand guilty of breaking the law and whether you enjoy doing it or not or how long can do it, justice will be served.
    You think religion is God, that’s the stupid part of your argument. You think the man can argue God out of reality, that’s another stupid part of your arguments, the law keeps you in reality. So enjoy the face off, just make sure you say you knew what you were doing and accept the consequences for your actions. On that day, when you pass from life to death, call the best Atheist Council and have him explain your situation.

    Chris said that it is pointless to try to disprove or prove God, it’s impossible to prove God because He’s outside our reality…he’s right! We don’t have to, I can prove the Laws of God. Can you prove the Laws of Evolution? Wait you found a bone…does that work, no! Wait, I found a chart with some apes somebody told me about, will that work, ah no! Wait, I heard a lecture at a College on time, will that work, ah no! Wait, I read a book that said there was no God, will that work, ah No! A Laws will work in arguing your case of breaking the Law, do you have any? ah No! So whatcha gonna do. Your honor, I knew when I lied but I thought that was a joke, not to lie, plus it didn’t hurt anybody. Not the point, did you keep the Law? ah No! But wait, there’s no God in my reality, “God is outside of reality.” Here’s the problem, You see him outside of reality. Good luck explaining away creation to him, I’m sure he will enjoy all the evidence you collected. Have you ever heard that saying,” He who defends himself has a fool for an attorney?” Enjoy the after reality guys! Oh, by the way, if you’re still breathing, you have an option. John 3:16 For God so loved the world, he gave his only Son. Whoever believes in Him will not perish but have EVERlasting life. (emphasis on EVER)

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